Petroleum Industry Technologies, Processes, Methods, Good Practices and Best Practices

2 Week Training Workshops

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PCH891-2 Petrochemicals Technology and Methods for Non Chemical Engineers
PE305-2 English for Oil and Gas Industry Professionals
PFM460-2 Monitoring Facility Operations and Maintenance Processes
PIS980-2 Petroleum Industry Standards Good and Best Practices
PMB910-2 The Oil and Gas MBA
PMO660-2 Management of Oil and Gas Projects
PPI193-2 Managing Oil and Petrochemical Industry Outsourcing
PPS840-2 Process Safety Management and Compliance to Standards
PPS887-2 Estimating, Planning and Scheduling of Projects for Oil and Gas Production
PTA883-2 Advanced Oil and Gas Technology for Non-Petroleum Professionals
PTN881-2 Oil and Gas Technology for Non-Petroleum Professionals
PTU330-2 Petroleum Economic Analysis and Risk Management
PTU512-2 Advanced Oil and Gas Production for Professionals
VIS220-2 Strategic Planning for Your Petro-Chemical Industry Vision 2030