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About Euro Training Limited

Euro Training Global Limited and its associate companies have been at the forefront of providing Top-of-the-Line Multi-Discipline and Strategically Aligned Training Programs. Recently most of our training programs have been updated to include utilization of Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence for effective, timely and customer focused decision making.

  1. Euro Training Global Limited, together with our national partners, conducts Inhouse and Public Training Programs in all major global development areas.
  2. Euro Training Global Limited's management team members include experts with over 35 years of International Training and Consultancy Experience. Our team of 50+ International Consultants and Domain Knowledge Experts are constantly Benchmarking, Innovating and Upgrading our training programs.
  3. Most Euro Training Programs incorporate the relevant Industry Standards, Good Practices and Cross-Industry Benchmarked Best Practices.
  4. When you attend an Euro Training Global Limited Training Program your will Experience an understanding and exposure to Multi-Discipline Understanding of the Topics, Customer Focus Approach, Process Approach, Strategic Focus Approach, Industry and Innovation Methods and Ideas, IT Hardware and Software Integration, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence Methods, Artificial Intelligence Opportunities, Quality Assurance, and others cutting edge methodologies.
  5. Euro Training Global Limited Research, Development and Organizational Learning Initiatives insure your participant always gets the Current Industry Good and Best Practices in the relevant fields.
  6. Euro Training Limited's Program Director/s are recognized experts in their fields. They typically have 15+ years of Industry Experience with excellent communication and technology transfer skills. Each of our Instructors have access to a huge multi-discipline knowledgebase to assist him conduct the training programs, customize the training programs and answer participant queries.
  7. Euro Training Global Limited's Programs are conducted with low Instructor/ participant ratios to give the participant an opportunity to work with the Instructor and the other Participants to solve their job related problems. These small groups help the participant build life-long peer and mentor contacts in their field of work.
  8. After attending the Participants go away with a set of program recommendations as the way forward to help increase Efficiency, Effectiveness, IT Technology Adoption, Knowledge Management, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Delight and Strategic Alignment in their Related Job Function.
  9. Participants in most workshops (6 or 6+ day programs) develop an Action Plan for themselves - this is in the form of a step-by-step plan to implement the Relevant Good, Best Practices, Value Engineering and Leadership Opportunities discussed during the training program.
  10. Euro Training Limited programs have been widely attended, extensively tested and have consistently been rated "Exceeded Expectations" or "Excellent" by 80%+ participants.
  11. Euro Training Global Limited through its associate companies provides Trained Certified Employees for your Projects and Business. For Expert Trained Professional Manpower Supply & Pre-Hiring Training and Competency Testing Please contact Email:
  12. Euro Training Global Limited will soon be introducing new Individualized set of Artificial Intelligence Assisted Training and Mentoring programs. If interested you may contact to be part of the revolution.

Common Features of All Euro Training Limited Programs

  1. If you are serious about improving your job related practical skills, work effectiveness, productivity, gain knowledge of the latest methods and technologies, implement improvements in your work area, demonstrate leadership on your job, and, expand your career competencies then these programs are for you.
    • If you are a new recent graduated professional attending these programs will provide you the multi-discipline understanding skills and competencies required to actually perform the work. You will quickly bridge the gap between college education and actual work requirements. You will understand the domain work related Good Practices and Work Processes. The program will help you understand how your performance will actually be evaluated, how you must perform to gain recognition by your peers and supervisors, and what KPI's are important for your job. In simple terms you will gain the knowledge to transition from a teenager to an adult in that profession.
    • If you are an experienced professional then these programs will help you review and update your domain knowledge and skills. The program will introduce you to what is new in the program topic area including, as applicable, understanding of how Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence can be leveraged to improve the Effectiveness, Efficiency, Customer Focus and Strategic Focus of your job performance. These programs will help you become more customer focused, strategically focused and value engineering oriented in your Job Performance. This program will help you Implement Job Domain related Good and Best Practices in your work area. The program will also help prepare you for a Leadership Role in your Domain Area.
      • Good Practices in the context of these programs means: Those practices that you MUST follow to do an efficient and effective job. Processes and Behaviors that leads to internal and external customer satisfaction and helps achieve your organizational operational objectives.
      • Best Practices Means: Practices in your job area that are being followed by the Best Performing Departments and Organizations in your region or the world. Practices and Processes that have made these Best Performers Successful in their own Industries. Best Practices can not just be copied, they must be analyzed for possible road-blocks to their implementation in your organization, and these road-blocks need to be removed over planned time frames for meaningful best practice adoption. Benchmarking is one of the methods used to identify Best Practices, other methods discussed include Strategic Alignment and Value Engineering.
    • Interested in Developing your Own Training/Coaching Unit? These program provides you valuable insight, materials, stories and methods to Design and Implement similar programs for your Department or Organizations.
  2. These are multi-discipline training programs covering all the aspects, methods and procedures you need to know, understand and implement including, as applicable, Technical, Strategic, IT, Customer, Productivity, Legal, Contractual, Financial, Safety, Security and Audit. These programs are very unlike other training you may have attended in most Academic or Other Training Institutes.
  3. In each program we bring together the skills from other disciplines you need to know and understand to take effective and efficient decisions.
  4. Programs may also include...
    • Understanding the Work or Business Environment
    • Your & Customer's Strategic Objectives. Relevant KPIs to Ensure Meeting the Organizational Objectives
    • Performance Guidance Checklists related to Each Key Work Process
    • Quality Assurance Methodology for Repeatable and Consistent Work Performance as per Design or SLA
    • Implementing Improvements, avoiding the Mistakes and Resistance to Change
    • Applicable Good and Best Practices for Efficient and Effective Work Performance
    • Relevant Information Technology Tools, including Data Analytics/BI/AI, to Increase Productivity, Effectiveness and Customer Experience
  5. Participant gets Extensive Checklists to make work processes efficient, effective and repeatable.
  6. Participants Gets Soft Copies and/or Links to Extensive Reference Materials Relevant to your work processes
  7. Small training group sizes Ensures
    • Every attendee gets to participate
    • Every attendee gets opportunity to get his needs and questions addressed
    • The instructor becomes your personal coach even after the program
  8. Participant gets a unique practically useful experience when you attend these programs! Experience that is equivalent to what you would have learnt by years of working on the job.
    • You will be provided email access to your Program Instructor for one year to act as your mentor and coach.
  9. Have you been working on your present job for a long time? Want to stand out and make a difference? Then these programs are for you as they provide multi-discipline skills that enable you to understand and propose value engineered improvements in your work area.
  10. These programs are designed as modules - so you can attend most of them in modules of 1 week, 6 days to 4 weeks.
    • One week programs provide the domain multi-discipline understanding, skill and competencies.
    • 6 Day Training Programs include the content of the 1 week program and add a 1 day practical hands-on workshop.
    • Two week Training Workshops include the content of the 6 day program and provide more Detailed Understanding of the Program Topics and provide opportunity for 3 days of individual and Group real life Job Related Workshops.
    • Three week Advanced Training Workshops Include the content of the 2 week workshop and add Advanced Understanding and Workshops on Program Domain related Performance Measurement, KPI development and reporting.
    • Four week Certification Training Workshops Includes the 3 week advanced workshop and additional topics and workshops that help the attendee gain Competencies and Practice Hands-on Implementation to become a Certified Professional in Program Domain Area.
    • After 4 weeks of attendance (2 or more separate training programs adding up to 4 weeks or single 4 week program) we test your skills gained and competencies developed (through written and interview tests) and if you qualify you are awarded "Certified Professional in ...." - Your proof of Multidiscipline Professional Skills and Competencies in that domain - Certifying that you possess the required Competencies and can be given Independent Job Responsibility in the program domain area.

Euro Training Limited Mission

  • ETL is committed to Researching the Industry Good and Best Practices, and, Incorporating them into ETL's Training Services, Processes and Programs.

  • ETL is committed to maintain market leadership position in providing Top-of-the-Line Practical Skill Development Training Programs to our Participants.

  • Our mission includes to provide the new professional graduates specific job position related skills to increase their employability and assist transition from Academic Thinking to Real Job Performance.

  • Our mission in relation to existing domain professionals is the refresh their knowledge, provide them the knowledge and skills about using the new tools and methods that are now available. Assist the experienced professional in transitioning to becoming a Certified Professional in their Domain Areas.

Training Managers Please Note

  1. You can request Euro Training Global Limited to provide you Pre Program Evaluation, Post Program Evaluation, Relevance Evaluation or Benchmarking Evaluation by your participants after the program. Pre-program evaluation is also available online and can be filled in after program registration and before attending the program.

  2. Past Participants have consistently rated our programs as "Much Better", and "Exceeded Expectations" - on most criteria including "Practical Usefulness for my job", "90% topics relevant to work", "Improvement Ideas" and "Expertise of the Program Director". Evaluation forms for past participants can be provided on request.

  3. You company can send us your Vendor Registration Forms to

  4. Corporate discounts are available when you register at-least 2 participants together to same program at same venue and on same dates for any program.

  5. Euro Training Global Limited will also consider offering your organization Corporate Discounts. These can be provided and disclosed on receipt of a copy of your annual training program plans and requirements.

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