Strategic Management of Computer Based Accounting & Business Information Systems, Implementing Good and Best Practices, Strategic Management of Computer Based Accounting & Business Information Systems, Covering Multidiscipline aspects of Computer Based Accounting, Business Information System, Methodologies, Skills, Benchmarking, Improvement & Measurement, Real World Case Studies, Business Information Systems, emphasizes meeting and exceeding internal and external customer expectations

About Euro Training Limited

Euro Training Ltd. is at the forefront of providing Top-of-the-Line Practically Useful Training Programs.

  1. Euro Training Limited has been conducting Inhouse and Public Training Programs in all major world development areas.
  2. Euro Training Limited's management team members include individuals with over 35 years of International Training and Consultancy Experience.
  3. Euro Training Limited as a Policy and Strategy is committed to incorporating Multi-Discipline Understanding, Process Approach, Customer Focus, Strategic Focus, Benchmarking, Innovation, IT Integration, TQM, Quality Assurance, ISO-9001 and other Industry Standards and Best Practices into all our Training Programs and Workshops.
  4. Our R&DS and Organizational Learning Initiatives insure your participant always gets the Current Industry Good and Best Practices in the relevant fields.
  5. Euro Training Limited's Program Director/s are recognized experts in their fields. They typically have 15+ years of Industry Experience with excellent communication and technology transfer skills. Each of our Instructors have access to a huge multi-discipline knowledgebase to assist them conduct the training programs, customize the training programs and answer participant queries.

Common Features of All ETL Programs

  1. If your objective is to improve your practical skills and expand your career horizon then these programs are for you.
    • If you are a new entrant to the subject of the program, you will gain a quick understanding of the Work and How to make a difference.
    • If you are an experienced professional you will review and update your skills in a systematic manner and learn about the Good and Best Practices
      • Good Practices: Those that you MUST follow to do an efficient job
      • Best Practices: Benchmarking shows others have benefited from these practices - you too can analyze and see if your organization will benefit too!!
    • Interested in Training/Coaching? These program provides you valuable insight to design your own programs.
  2. These are multi-discipline training programs. Very unlike what you attend in most Academic Institutes.
  3. Here in each program we bring together the skills from other disciplines you need to take effective and efficient decisions.
  4. All programs include an understanding of relevant aspects of
    • Corporate Vision
    • Business Goals
    • Training Subject Department Objectives (or Quality Policy)
    • Quality Assurance as applicable to the subject
    • TQM and Improvement Methodology
    • Best Practices as Applied to the Subject
    • Relevant Information Technology Tools.
  5. Checklists to make life easy and to enable you to apply skills to your work at your job.
  6. Extensive Reference Materials on Relevant Subjects.
  7. Another unique feature of these programs is the small training group size
    • everyone gets to participate, and,
    • everyone gets opportunity to get his questions addressed and
    • the instructor acts as your personal coach.
  8. You get a different experience when you attend these programs!
    • Years in your existing discipline?-cocoon, want to come out? then these programs provide the excellent opportunity.
  9. These programs are designed as modules - so you can attend most of them in modules of 1 to 8 weeks.
  10. After 4 weeks of attendance (in at-least 2 separate training programs) we test your skills gained and if you qualify
    • you are awarded "Certified Professional in ...." - A proof of your capabilities you can project to get career advancement.
    • you also get a professional support gift (hardware, software or documents)
    • access to one of the Program Directors for one year to act as your coach.

Our Mission

ETL is committed to Researching the Industry Best Practices, and, Incorporating them into ETL's Training Services, Processes and Programs.

ETL is committed to maintain market leadership position in providing Top-of-the-Line Practical Skill Development Training Programs to our Customers.

Note For Training Managers

Please ask for copies of post-program evaluation and benchmarking forms filled by participants from your geographic area.

Past Participants have consistently rated our programs "Much Better" than what they attended before - on almost all criteria including "Practical Usefulness for their job" and "Expertise of the Program Director's".

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