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  1. To register: Please send us an official letter confirming registration (on organizational letterhead). And send us a completed registration form –electronically fill-able is at- available at You can request or registration form by Emailing and
  2. For Program Fee Information Email: . Fees are Payable by Bank Transfer or Bank Draft. Fee information is available at: .
  3. Program Fee is
    • 1 week (5 day/30 hrs) Online eTraining £3,000 (USD $3,750). Classroom Training £4,315 (USD $5,500) per participant
    • 6 days (36 hrs) Online eTraining £3,500 (USD $4,375). Classroom Training £5,100 (USD $6,500) per participant
    • 2 weeks (60 hrs) Online eTraining £5,500 (USD $6,875). Classroom Training £6,990 (USD $8,900) per participant
    • 3 weeks (90 hrs) Online eTraining £8,000 (USD $10,000). Classroom Training £10,840 (USD $13,800) per participant
    • 4 weeks (120 hrs) Online eTraining £10,000 (USD $12,500). Classroom Training £13,990 (USD $17,800) per participant
    • and includes Course Materials, Certificate, Refreshments and Lunch (classroom programs).
    • Accommodation is not included in Program fee. Special rates will be available at venue hotel for the class room training program participants.
    Special discount of 10% is offered for participants who pay their fees at least 45 days before start of the program.
  4. Refund will not be considered where the participants cancels his registration less than 3 weeks before start of the program. Alternate nominations will be allowed anytime before program start. In case of exceptional hardship or emergency participant may be allowed to attend at another location.
  5. All participants are required to fill in Participant Information form - on first day of the program. Each program Undergoes Customization to Better Meet Participant Present and Future Career Needs. Please be prepared to let the Instructor/s know about your organization's Special Needs, Interests or Initiatives.
  6. It is always useful for participants to bring their existing problems or case studies, work-process flow charts or job related problems for discussion - consideration will be at sole discretion of the program director/s.
  7. Provisional Registration : You can make a provisional registration by sending us an email – an official registration request can be made within 2 weeks. This will ensure we will reserve a seat. If The official registration request is not received within 2 weeks or at least 2 weeks before program start this provisional registration is automatically cancelled – we do request you to infrom us asap you have decided either way. All provisional registrations automatically cancel 2 weeks before program start.
  8. Information required for Provisional Registration: Program Title, Location, Dates, Your Organization Name, Your Email Address, Your FAX No and your Mobile Number.

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