Gas Plants, LNG Plants, LNG Carriers, Field Handling, Transportation, Measurement

List of 5 Day Training Program + 1 Day Workshop

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CAP630-6 International Oil and Gas Contract
CGA390-6 Gas and LNG Contracts - Drafting, Pricing and Negotiating
GAS540-6 Gas and LNG Contracts Negotiation
GCC300-6 Gas Chain Concept - industry Structure, Economics, and Pricing
GCS690-6 Gas and Chemicals - Markets, Trading and Shipping Logistics
GGM220-6 Global Gas Markets
GLG280-6 Global LNG - the Complete Supply Chain
GLP440-6 GAS and LNG Pricing System
GTR809-6 Essentials of Gas Trading and Risk
GTZ302-6 Gas Trader A to Z
LCM660-6 LNG Commercial Management Imperatives Basic
LCP390-6 World Legal Systems and Contracts for Oil and Gas
LGC529-6 LNG Commercial Management
LGC538-6 LNG Commercial Structuring and Operations
LGR350-6 LNG and Competing Gas Resources
LGS432-6 LNG Shipping: the Centre of Global Gas Supplies Harmonizing the Upstream, Downstream and Mid Stream
LNG101-6 LNG Fundamentals
LNG102-6 LNG Technology and Management
LNG104-6 LNG Production Overview
LNG201-6 LNG Supply Value Chain - Basic
LNG202-6 LNG Supply Value Chain - Advanced
LNG302-6 LNG Market Developments and Trading Programme
LNG400-6 LNG Markets and Short Term Opportunities
LNG401-6 Mastering Global LNG Market and Business
LNG430-6 LNG Shipping A to Z Training Program
LNG501-6 LNG Contracts Basics
LNG520-6 LNG Plant - Technology, Planning, Maintenance and Management
LNG550-6 LNG Carriers - Technology, Safety, Maintenance and Management
LNG580-6 International LNG Contracts - Commercial Factors and Negotiations
LNG600-6 LNG Markets, Pricing, Trading and Risk Management
LNG701-6 Understanding, Negotiating and Drafting Gas and LNG Agreements
LNG702-6 Negotiating LNG and Gas Contracts: Strategy, Drafting and Management
LNG740-6 Global LNG Markets, Pricing and Competition
LNG900-6 LNG Mini MBA in Project Development
NEG543-6 Skills for Oil and Gas Contract Negotiation
NGZ103-6 Natural Gas A to Z
PEX340-6 Understanding Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
PGP624-6 Gas Handling and Field Processing Technology, Methods and Management
PGP626-6 Advanced Gas Field Processing Technology and Management
PSG220-6 Gas and Power Generation Introduction
PTR530-6 Gas Plant Technology, Processes and Management
PTU524-6 Glycol Dehydrator Plant Technology and Management
PUC450-6 Commercial Fundamentals in Upstream Oil and Gas
TGL290-6 Trading Gas and LNG
UPG450-6 Commercial Fundamentals in Upstream Oil and Gas