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List of 5 Day Training Program + 1 Day Workshop (2017-2018)

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MMF8806 Mothballing Oil and Gas Production Facilities for Medium Term Production Stoppages
PCM6316 Corrosion Monitoring and Inspection in Upstream Facilities
PDF7006 Onshore Upstream Production Technologies and Operational Processes
PDF7016 Offshore Upstream Production Technologies and Operational Processes
PED4626 Coordinating and Managing Field Development Study Processes
PFA6406 Managing Failure Analysis of Petroleum Production Equipment and Systems
POU7006 Upstream Oil-n-Gas-Technology Methods Management
PSF4406 Surface Facilities Supervising and Management
PTF1306 Induction of New Operation Staff on Oil Rigs
PTN8826 Upstream Project Construction Technology and Work Methods
PTN8856 New Technologies, Good Practices and Best Practices in Oil and Gas Upstream Operations
PTN8936 Upstream Oil and Gas Construction Technology
PTU1206 Roughneck
PTU1226 Advanced Roughneck
PTU3106 Managing Petroleum Exploration Projects
PTU4106 Exploratory Well Planning and Implementation
PTU4126 Developmental Well Planning and Management
PTU4266 Maintaining Sustainable Well Production
PTU4886 Well Production and Control Planning and Management
PTU4926 Enhanced Recovery Techniques Technology, Processes and Management
PTU4936 Steam and Water Flooding Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology, Processes and Management
PTU4946 Artificial Lift Technology, Processes and Management
PTU4966 Wireline and Logging Operation Technology and Management
PTU5106 Oil and Gas Production for Professionals
PTU5146 Ensuring Safety during Oil and Gas Production
PTU5206 Production and Field Separators Technology, Processes and Management
PTU5256 Production and Field Separators
PWF5816 Petroleum Well Production Forecasting and Monitoring
PWT8486 Management of Producing Oil and Gas Wells
XRM9706 Managing Operational Risks on Oil and Gas Surface Facilities
BFU701-6 Implementing Good Management Practices in Your Oil & Gas Field Production Unit
HFU701-6 Implementing Employee Motivation & Reward Systems in Your Oil & Gas Field Production Unit
AFU701-6 Implementing Automation and Productivity Enhancement in Your Oil & Gas Field Production Unit
FFU701-6 Reducing Budgets by 15%+ without Impacting Service Quality in Your Oil & Gas Field Production Unit