Public Relations Management, PR Knowledge Management System, PR Process Management, Strategic Public Relations Management, Outsourcing PR Services and Processes

List of 2 Weeks (2017-2018)

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QKM8343 Effectively Implementing Public Relations Knowledge Management System
MPR6723 Public Relations Management for Corporations & Public Organizations
MPR6503 Process Approach to Public Relations Management
MPR6803 Strategic Public Relations Management
MPR6903 Outsourcing Public Relation Services and Processes
CIP4503 Communication and Interpersonal Skills Advanced
CES4203 Communication Essentials
CES4403 Communication Skills
CSH4803 High Impact Business Communication
RBT4003 Mastering Management and Relationship Building Skills
NEG4603 Negotiation Skills
BPR701-3 Implementing Good Management Practices in Your Public Relations Unit
HPR701-3 Implementing Employee Motivation & Reward Systems in Your Public Relations Unit
APR701-3 Implementing Automation and Productivity Enhancement in Your Public Relations Unit
FPR701-3 Reducing Budgets by 15%+ without Impacting Service Quality in Your Public Relations Unit


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