Feasibility, Design, Construction, Maintenance Phases, Early Warning Systems, Value Engineering, Risk Management, Lean Project Management, Auditing, Knowledge Management

2 Week Training Workshops

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BRM701-2 Implementing Good Management Practices in your Risk Management Unit
CMP400-2 Implementing the Pre-Award Phase of a Project or Major Procurement
CMP402-2 Implementing the Post-Award Phase of a Project
CPC579-2 Construction Project Contractor Staff A-Z Refresher
CPS569-2 Construction Project Owner Staff A-Z Refresher
DPM626-2 Dredging Project Management
DPM800-2 Advanced Program Project Management Skills and Best Practices
EST800-2 Financial Analysis of Projects and Proposals
FPM284-2 FEED Project Management
HPT760-2 Building High Performing Start-up Teams (New Company or New Project
INS670-2 Civil Engineering Construction Inspection Skills
LNG900-2 LNG Mini MBA in Project Development
PA204-2 Operational Project Performance Evaluation Audit
PE301-2 Professional English Language Skills for Project Planning, Estimating and Management Professionals
PIM622-2 Identifying and Managing Risks on Your Projects
PM212-2 Project Management In Non-Contractual Situations - Inhouse Projects
PMC210-2 Strategic Project Management for Owner Professionals
PMC261-2 Project Management Skills for Contractors
PMF800-2 Successful Management of Fast Track Projects
PMM103-2 Mastering Project Management
PMR401-2 Managing Resource over Multiple Projects
PMS210-2 Strategic Project Management for Owner Professionals
PMS251-2 Effective Planning and Scheduling Methodologies and Skills
PMS255-2 Using Primavera for Managing Projects
PPM400-2 Oil and Gas Project Management to Best Strategic Practices
PTR105-2 Conducting Technical Reviews during Process Plant Design or MOC
PTR106-2 Conducting Technical Reviews on Projects
PTR910-2 Walk Through Evaluation of Projects and Installations
PWI106-2 Walkthrough Review of Projects, Facilities and Industrial Installations
QBS701-2 Designing Measurement and Improvement a Balanced Score Card for your Project
QKM811-2 Implementing Project Knowledge Management System
QPM103-2 Effective Step-By-Step Project Management
QPM211-2 Implementing Productivity Improvement, Quality Assurance Continuous Improvement On Projects In Contractual Situations
QPM220-2 Implementing Project Management Early Warning Systems
RCM802-2 Construction Management
SSP660-2 Safety and Security Technologies for Projects & Facilities and their Management
TBP589-2 Pre-Project Team Building
VAE501-2 Advanced Value Engineering and Step-by-Step Implementation Methodology
VAR500-2 Value-At-Risk: the Basics and Beyond
XNT690-2 Security and Safety on New Projects Managing Implementation
XRM961-2 Managing Project Execution Risks
XRM972-2 Project and Procurement Contract Risk Management