Gas Plants, LNG Plants, LNG Carriers, Field Handling, Transportation, Measurement

List of 3 Weeks (2017-2018)

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LNG5203 LNG Plant - Technology, Planning, Maintenance and Management
LNG5503 LNG Carriers - Technology, Safety, Maintenance and Management
PGP6243 Gas Handling and Field Processing Technology, Methods and Management
PGP6263 Advanced Gas Field Processing Technology and Management
PTR5303 Gas Plant Technology, Processes and Management
PTU5243 Glycol Dehydrator Plant Technology and Management
GGM2203 Global Gas Markets
GLG2803 Global LNG - the Complete Supply Chain
PSG2203 Gas and Power Generation Introduction
LGR3503 LNG and Competing Gas Resources
LNG1013 LNG Fundamentals
LNG1023 LNG Technology and Management
LNG2013 LNG Supply Value Chain - Basic
LNG2023 LNG Supply Value Chain - Advanced
LNG4013 Mastering Global LNG Market and Business
NGZ1033 Natural Gas A to Z
GTZ3023 Gas Trader A to Z
LNG3023 LNG Market Developments and Trading Programme
LNG4003 LNG Markets and Short Term Opportunities
GCC3003 Gas Chain Concept - industry Structure, Economics, and Pricing
LNG5013 LNG Contracts Basics
GAS5403 Gas and LNG Contracts Negotiation
LNG5803 International LNG Contracts - Commercial Factors and Negotiations
CAP6303 International Oil and Gas Contract
LNG7023 Negotiating LNG and Gas Contracts: Strategy, Drafting and Management
LNG7013 Understanding, Negotiating and Drafting Gas and LNG Agreements
LNG7403 Global LNG Markets, Pricing and Competition
GCS6903 Gas and Chemicals - Markets, Trading and Shipping Logistics
UPG4503 Commercial Fundamentals in Upstream Oil and Gas
PEX3403 Understanding Oil and Gas Exploration and Production
PUC4503 Commercial Fundamentals in Upstream Oil and Gas
LNG6003 LNG Markets, Pricing, Trading and Risk Management
GTR8093 Essentials of Gas Trading and Risk
LGS4323 LNG Shipping: the Centre of Global Gas Supplies Harmonising the Upstream, Downstream and Mid Stream