Mergers & Acquisitions, Strategic Partnerships, Finance for Non-Finance, Investment Management, Regional Development

List of 1 Week Programs (2017-2018)

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BRW1145 Creating World Class Regional Wealth Generation Centers
CTM8701 Overall Control on Cash and Treasury Management
ECD2005 Understanding the Economics of Development
FIN4001 Finance for Non-Finance Professionals
FIN6005 How Financial Markets Work
FPT5861 Pipeline and Crude Oil Trading Accounting and Management
FRW7725 Methodology for Evaluating the Real Worth of Organizations
MAA4145 Building Strategic Partnerships for Performance Improvement
MAS7735 Mergers & Acquisitions Strategies and Due Diligence Process
FIN7005 Credit Analysis of Corporate Customers
FSM5605 Strategic Financial Planning, Implementation and Management
FTR5405 Tax and Regulatory Issues for Petroleum Exploration and Production Companies
IMS6405 Insurance Management for Large Organizations
PAF4665 Managing Authorization for Expenditure AFC Processes
EDA4265 Economics and Decision Analysis
BFM701-1 Implementing Good Management Practices in Your Finance Unit
HFM701-1 Implementing Employee Motivation & Reward Systems in Your Finance Unit
AFM701-1 Implementing Automation and Productivity Enhancement in Your Finance Unit
FFM701-1 Reducing Budgets by 15%+ without Impacting Service Quality in Your Finance Unit