Exploration Technology, Processes, Services, Skills, Management; Related IT Technologies and Methods, Simulation, Estimating

List of 2 Weeks (2017-2018)

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CEX7002 Exploration and Related Service Contracts - Planning, Drafting, Administering, Managing and Auditing
ENV5602 Managing Exploration and Production Environment Protection Processes
IEP6302 Planning and Implementing IT Systems for Exploration and Production Companies
KMP7402 Knowledge Management System for Petroleum Exploration
MSP7002 Managing Safety Processes in a Petroleum Exploration
PAM7202 Effective Exploration and Production Asset Management to International Standards
PE3062 English for Petroleum Exploration Professionals
PED4502 Managing the Exploration Department
PED4522 Advanced Management and leadership of the Exploration Department
PED4542 Processes for Managing Exploration and Development Opportunities Identification
PED4562 Managing Geological Studies and Simulation Studies Processes
PEX4802 Reducing Exploration and Production Project Risks
PFA6002 Managing Failure Analysis of Exploration Equipment
PPE8172 Effectively Implementing Petroleum Exploration Knowledge Management System
PPR4602 Processes for Optimizing and Managing of Petroleum Reserves
PTR5202 Petroleum Reservoirs and Reserves Estimating, Optimization and Management
XRM9692 Managing Operational Risks on Petroleum Exploration Projects
BEX701-2 Implementing Good Management Practices in Your Petroleum Exploration Unit
HEX701-2 Implementing Employee Motivation & Reward Systems in Your Petroleum Exploration Unit
AEX701-2 Implementing Automation and Productivity Enhancement in Your Petroleum Exploration Unit
FEX701-2 Reducing Budgets by 15%+ without Impacting Service Quality in Your Petroleum Exploration Unit