Good & Best Technologies and Practices for Reliable Electricity Distribution & Transmission

3 Week Advanced Training Workshops

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PDS632-3 A-Z of High Voltage Switchgear
PDS636-3 A-Z of Managing Power System Transformer Installations
PDS633-3 A-Z of Power System Circuit Breakers
PSE848-3 A-Z of Substation Earthing
PUP700-3 A-Z of UPS Systems and Battery Chargers
SDA801-3 Electric Substation & Transmission Systems using Data Analytics
CBM640 Circuit Breaker Operation & Maintenance Strategies, Processes & Skills
DAI836-3 Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence Methods for Electrical Power Distribution System Management Performance Excellence
POW345-3 Distribution Substation Technology & Management
POW221-3 Distribution System Switchgear - Installation and Inspection
POW222-3 Distribution System Switchgear - Maintenance, Repair and Troubleshooting
DTM644 Distribution Transformers Operation & Maintenance Strategies, Processes & Skills
PDS630-3 Electrical Distribution Equipment
PAM960-3 Failure Analysis of Electrical Equipment
PEQ354-3 Industrial Electrical Installations and their Maintenance
PSE842-3 Managing Safety of Electrical Transmission Lines
PSE846-3 Managing SF6 High Voltage Switchgear Installations
PRS646 Protective Relay Systems Operation & Maintenance Strategies, Processes & Skills
PDS634-3 Reviewing LV Distribution Network Planning and Design


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