Onshore and Offshore Drilling, Drilling Units, Drilling Platforms, Drilling Ships, Shale Gas Drilling, Fracking

List of 3 Weeks (2017-2018)

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CER8003 Enhanced Oil Recovery Related Contracts - Planning, Drafting, Administering, Managing and Auditing
CPD4003 Planning and Drafting Petroleum Drilling Contracts
CPD4023 Administering and Managing Petroleum Drilling Contracts
PAL5313 Artificial Lift Technology, Operation, Maintenance and Management
PBP4713 Blowout Prevention and Controlling a Blowout
PDC4813 Drilling Chemicals and Supplies - Including Latest Materials
PDD4913 Directional Drilling - Technology, Planning, Controlling and Managing
PDT4613 Care and Handling of Drilling Equipment and Tools
PRF5713 Petroleum Reservoir Fracturing - Theory and Practice
PRM9903 Risk Management on Oil and Gas Drilling Projects
PSM5113 Safety Management During Drilling Operations
PTN8913 Managing Drilling Operations
PTU1303 Systematic Induction and Team Working for New Staff on Drilling Rigs
PTU4203 Drilling Operations Processes and Management
PTU4223 Advanced Drilling Well Operations and Management
PTU4243 Management of Offshore Drilling for Petroleum
PTU4253 Advanced Offshore Drilling Operations and Management
PTU4403 Well Casing, Liners and Cementing Standards, Processes and Management
PTU4603 Drilling Mud, Fluids and Mud System Technology, Processes and Management
PTU4823 Drilling String and Drives Technology, Processes and Management
PTU4843 Onshore Drilling Rigs and Rigging Up Technology, Processes and Management
PTU4853 Offshore Drilling Rig Technology, Processes and Management
PTU4863 Directional Drilling Technologies and Management
PTU4903 Auditing Well Drilling Safety
PTU4913 Gas Drive EOR Techniques
PWC7703 Well Completion, Well Stimulation and Workover Planning and Management
PWT8623 Oil and Gas Well Logging Technology and Management
QKM8163 Preparing and Operating a Petroleum Drilling Knowledge Management System
XRM9683 Managing Operational Risks on Petroleum Drilling Projects
BDS701-3 Implementing Good Management Practices in Client Oil & Gas Drilling Supervision Unit
HDS701-3 Implementing Employee Motivation & Reward Systems in Client Oil & Gas Drilling Supervision Unit
ADS701-3 Implementing Automation and Productivity Enhancement in Client Oil & Gas Drilling Supervision Unit
FDS701-3 Reducing Budgets by 15%+ without Impacting Service Quality in Client Oil & Gas Drilling Supervision Unit