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3 Week Advanced Training Workshops

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ADS701-3 Implementing Automation and Productivity Enhancement in Client Oil & Gas Drilling Supervision Unit
BDS701-3 Implementing Good Management Practices in Client Oil & Gas Drilling Supervision Unit
CER800-3 Enhanced Oil Recovery Related Contracts - Planning, Drafting, Administering, Managing and Auditing
CPD400-3 Planning and Drafting Petroleum Drilling Contracts
CPD402-3 Administering and Managing Petroleum Drilling Contracts
CPD404-3 Auditing Petroleum Drilling Contracts
FDS701-3 Reducing Budgets by 15%+ without Impacting Service Quality in Client Oil & Gas Drilling Supervision Unit
FPSO340-3 FPSO Planning, Scheduling & Project Management
FPSO350-3 FPSO Construction Supervision, Contract Administration
FPSO360-3 FPSO Commissioning Management
HDS701-3 Implementing Employee Motivation & Reward Systems in Client Oil & Gas Drilling Supervision Unit
PAL531-3 Artificial Lift Technology, Operation, Maintenance and Management
PBP471-3 Blowout Prevention and Controlling a Blowout
PDC481-3 Drilling Chemicals and Supplies - Including Latest Materials
PDD491-3 Directional Drilling - Technology, Planning, Controlling and Managing
PDT461-3 Care and Handling of Drilling Equipment and Tools
PRF571-3 Petroleum Reservoir Fracturing - Theory and Practice
PRM990-3 Risk Management on Oil and Gas Drilling Projects
PSM511-3 Safety Management During Drilling Operations
PTN891-3 Managing Drilling Operations
PTU130-3 Systematic Induction and Team Working for New Staff on Drilling Rigs
PTU420-3 Drilling Operations Processes and Management
PTU422-3 Advanced Drilling Well Operations and Management
PTU424-3 Management of Offshore Drilling for Petroleum
PTU425-3 Advanced Offshore Drilling Operations and Management
PTU440-3 Well Casing, Liners and Cementing Standards, Processes and Management
PTU460-3 Drilling Mud, Fluids and Mud System Technology, Processes and Management
PTU482-3 Drilling String and Drives Technology, Processes and Management
PTU484-3 Onshore Drilling Rigs and Rigging Up Technology, Processes and Management
PTU485-3 Offshore Drilling Rig Technology, Processes and Management
PTU486-3 Directional Drilling Technologies and Management
PTU490-3 Auditing Well Drilling Safety
PTU491-3 Gas Drive EOR Techniques
PWC770-3 Well Completion, Well Stimulation and Workover Planning and Management
PWT862-3 Oil and Gas Well Logging Technology and Management
QKM816-3 Preparing and Operating a Petroleum Drilling Knowledge Management System
XRM968-3 Managing Operational Risks on Petroleum Drilling Projects