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Specific Job Releted Process Knowledge and Skills

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2 Weeks of Process Good & Best Practices

Road and Bridge Build Operate Transfer/PPP
Project Feasibility Study Processes

Building Hands-on Skills & Competencies in

  1. Proposals & Economic Viability Gap Filling Strategies
  2. Project Owner & Stakeholder Objectives
  3. Key BOT/PPP Contract Conditions
  4. Administering & Operational Management of Implementation

2 Week Job Process Good & Best Practices Training

New Delhi
22 April-3 May 2024
6-17 May 2024
20-31 May 2024
New York
3-14 June 2024
Seattle, USA
17-28 June 2024
New Delhi
1-12 July 2024
15-26 July 2024
New Delhi
29 July - 9 Aug 2024
12-23 Aug 2024
New York
26 Aug-6 Sept 2024
9-20 Sept 2024
23 Sept-4 Oct 2024
New Delhi
7-18 Oct 2024
21 Oct-1 Nov 2024
New Delhi
4-15 Nov 2024
18-29 Nov 2024
New York
2-13 Dec 2024
Seattle, USA
16-27 Dec 2024
30 Dec 2024- 10 Jan 2025
6-17 Jan 2025
20-31 Jan 2025
3-14 Feb 2025
17-28 Feb 2025
New York
2-13 March 2025
Seattle, USA
16-27 March 2025
30 March-10 April 2025
New York
13-24 April 2025
Dubai 27 April-8 May 2025
Kualalumpur 11-22 May 2025
London 25 May-5 June 2025

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What is Covered in this Workshop?

  1. This Training Workshop provides the Road and Bridge PPP Project Feasibility Study participant the essential Understanding, Competencies, Skills, Process Knowledge and Management Guidance to perform his PPP Professional Assignment in an effective, efficient, customer focused manner, always targeting for Meeting the Stakeholder Expectations, Operational & Strategic Objectives.
  2. Program Topics will be discussed in detail during the 2 weeks, to ensure the participant gains a full Multi-Discipline Multi-Stakeholder Latest-Technology Equipped Understanding of the Road & Bridge PPP Processes he will be required to Plan, Execute, Supervise and Manage.
  3. BOT/PPP projects for Roads and Bridges has been by far the most common BOT/PPP Project.
  4. This program will build skills, methods & competencies in properly managing the BOT/PPP project to ensure it meets the Project Objectives, Stakeholder Expectations, Project Provides Efficient Infrastructure.
  5. The program discusses the Big Multi-stakeholder Picture of Road & Bridge BOT/PPP Projects.
  6. The program Helps Identify the Project Objectives after taking into consideration the Expectations of the various stakeholders.

Who Should Attend?

  1. This Program is Intended for BOT/PPP Roads & Bridges Professionals, Consultants, and Managers.
  2. This program will help Road & Bridge Construction, Maintenance and Project Management Professionals migrate to PPP and BOT project assignments.

Program Content & Modules

Road and Bridge Build Operate Transfer/PPP
Project Feasibility Study Processes

  1. Business Aspects of Roads & Bridges through the BOT/PPP Route
  2. Road Bridge Project Stakeholders & their Expectations
  3. BOT/PPP Project Objectives & Goals
  4. Legal & Regulatory Aspects
  5. Feasibility Study Road Bridge Project
  6. Commercial Feasibility
  7. Technical Feasibility
  8. Societal and Political Feasibility
  9. Environmental Aspects
  10. Preparing the BOT/PPP Project Proposal
  11. Economic Viability Filling Strategies
  12. Leveraging the Organizational BOT/PPP Experience & Knowledgebase
  13. BOT/PPP Industry Benchmarking
  14. Cross-Industry Benchmarking
  15. Value Engineering the BOT/PPP Project
  16. BOT/PPP Project Risks
  17. Assignment of Risks between the Stakeholders
  18. Negotiating the PPP BOT Contract
  19. Building the Project Objectives and Goals into Drafted Contract
  20. Typical PPP BOT Contract Conditions
  21. Preparing Evaluation Criterion for BOT/PPP Bid Proposals
  22. Performing the Bid Selection Process
  23. Mobilization for Project
  24. Approval of Proposed Design
  25. Value Engineering the BOT/PPP Proposed Design
  26. Land Acquisition and Site Access
  27. Approval of Road Bridge Construction Plans
  28. Monitoring Construction
  29. Administering the Contract
  30. Monitoring the Quality Plans
  31. Processing Change Orders and other Cost Adjustment Events
  32. Project Communications
  33. Documenting Project Contractual Events
  34. Win-Win Resolving Disagreements and Disputes
  35. Stage-wise Commissioning the Road Bridge Project
  36. Monitoring Road Bridge Project Revenues
  37. Managing Allowable Operation & Maintenance Expenses
  38. Service Quality Monitoring
  39. Service Quality Related Price Adjustments
  40. Value Engineering the BOT/PPP Operational Activities
  41. Processing Financial Documents
  42. Pre Handing Over at End of PPP BOT Period
  43. Handing of Project at End of PPP BOT Contract
  44. Meaningful Project Performance KPIs Reporting at Different Project Phases
  45. Road Bridge PPP BOT Knowledgebase
  46. Workshop 1
  47. Developing a Road and Bridge PPP Project Feasibility Study Risk Management Plan
  48. Developing an Early Warning Systems to Identify Road and Bridge PPP Project Feasibility Study Emerging Risks & Opportunities
  49. Professional Level Insights into Road and Bridge PPP Project Feasibility Study Processes & Decisions
  50. Developing a Road and Bridge PPP Project Feasibility Study Quality Assurance (QA) & QC Plan
  51. Workshop 2
  52. Getting Management Support for Road and Bridge PPP Project Feasibility Study Stakeholder Focused Management System
  53. Documenting Road and Bridge PPP Project Feasibility Study Good Management Practices
  54. Reviewing & Applying (where applicable) Best Benchmarked Practices from Worldwide Best Performers
  55. Developing Road and Bridge PPP Project Feasibility Study Standard Operating Procedures SOPs
  56. Framework for a Road and Bridge PPP Project Feasibility Study Knowledge System
  57. Program Recommendations
  58. Personalized Road and Bridge PPP Project Feasibility Study Improvement Action Plan



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