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2 Weeks of Process Good & Best Practices

Management Processes on
Build Operate Transfer/PPP Project Operation & Maintenance (O&M) (to Hand-back)

Building Hands-on Skills & Competencies in

  1. O&M Accounting
  2. Fee Adjustments for Failure to Meet Contract Agreed Quality of Products & Services
  3. Allocation of Project Revenues
  4. Value Engineering based Continual Improvement of Infrastructure & Facilities

2 Week Job Process Good & Best Practices Training

New Delhi
22 April-3 May 2024
6-17 May 2024
20-31 May 2024
New York
3-14 June 2024
Seattle, USA
17-28 June 2024
New Delhi
1-12 July 2024
15-26 July 2024
New Delhi
29 July - 9 Aug 2024
12-23 Aug 2024
New York
26 Aug-6 Sept 2024
9-20 Sept 2024
23 Sept-4 Oct 2024
New Delhi
7-18 Oct 2024
21 Oct-1 Nov 2024
New Delhi
4-15 Nov 2024
18-29 Nov 2024
New York
2-13 Dec 2024
Seattle, USA
16-27 Dec 2024
30 Dec 2024- 10 Jan 2025
6-17 Jan 2025
20-31 Jan 2025
3-14 Feb 2025
17-28 Feb 2025
New York
2-13 March 2025
Seattle, USA
16-27 March 2025
30 March-10 April 2025
New York
13-24 April 2025
Dubai 27 April-8 May 2025
Kualalumpur 11-22 May 2025
London 25 May-5 June 2025

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What is Covered in this Program?

  1. This program provides the participants the Process Knowledge and Associated Management Skills for Performing Day-to-Day Tasks on BOT/PPP Project Operation & Maintenance Phase (After Commencement-of-Operations).
  2. This program will follow a Step-by-Step Approach for Assisting: Approving O&M Contract Arrangements, Obtaining the Start-up Permits, Setting-up an Agreed Accounting Management& Reporting System, Allocation of Revenues as per Contract, Approval of Expenses from Special Funds on Project, Monitoring of Contract & Regulatory Compliance, Measurement and Record Keeping of Key Performance Aspects SLAs/KPIs/Guarantees, Community Communications, CSR Plans & Implementations, Renewal Efforts during the Last Years of the Contract, and Sharing of Knowledge with Public Authority.
  3. For each Key O&M Stage Process the Participants will understand the Essential Professional Vocabulary, the Day-to-Day Work Processes, the Objectives and KPIs for Each Key Process, the Checklists and Forms to Use for Accuracy & Completeness, the Self-Supervisory-Audit Controls to Ensure Doing it Right First Time, the Essential Communications and Feedback to stay on the Right Track, and Sub-process for Continually Improving the Work Process.
  4. The participant will also learn how to ensure Sharing of the Key Knowledge from this Phase to the Organizational BOT/PPP Team.
  5. This program will build the O&M Process & Management Skills.
  6. This Program will help Develop O&M Performance Scorecards & KPIs.

Who Should Attend?

  1. This program is intended as Essential Process Knowledge and Associated Management Skills for all Operation & Maintenance (O&M) BOOT and PPP Project Professionals.
  2. This program will also be very useful for BOOT and PPP Proposal Development, Procurement, Contract Drafting, Project Administration & other Legal Staff, Advisors, Consultants, Bidders and Project Managers.

Program Content & Modules

Management Processes on
Build Operate Transfer/PPP Project Operation & Maintenance (O&M) (to Hand-back)

  1. Understanding the Business Aspects of BOT/PPP Projects
  2. BOT/PPP Project Applicability & Advantages
  3. Examples for Each Type of BOT/PPP Models
  4. BOT/PPP Key Vocabulary
  5. Role of the PPP Project Parties Authority, Private Party, Equity Investors, Lenders in O&M Phase
  6. Quick Review of Project Proposal Stage
  7. Quick Review of Project Procurement Phase
  8. Quick Review of BOT/PPP Implementation Phase
  9. Project Handing Over to O&M Third Party
  10. Key O&M Contract Risks and Risk Allocations
  11. The O&M Contract Forming Process
  12. Obtaining the Operational Permits
  13. System for Charging Users or For Production
  14. Keeping Payment Records by PPP Third Party (if applicable)
  15. Calculating Owner Share of User-Charged Revenue (if applicable)
  16. Calculating Authority-Pay Accounting for Periodic Payment (if applicable)
  17. Calculating Contract Mentioned Deductions and Abatements for Service Quality
  18. Allocation of Collected Project Revenue to Contract Allocations
  19. Calculating Allowable Operation & Maintenance Costs as per O&M Contract
  20. Calculating & Management of Tax Reserve (if any)
  21. Calculating & Management of Maintenance Reserves
  22. Improvement, Renewals, Major Maintenance Reserve
  23. Interest Payment on Loans
  24. Repayment of Debt As per agreed Debt-Service Coverage Ratio DSCR Covenant
  25. Distribution to SPV Equity Holders
  26. Allowed or Restricted Methods to Speed up Dividends to Equity Investors
  27. Calculating Current Contract Period as per BOOT Contract
  28. Real Time Accounting Management System
  29. Innovative Models for BOT/PPP Accounting Systems
  30. Auditing of O&M Contractors
  31. Contractual Extension of Contract Period
  32. Contract Required Condition of Facility at Handing Over
  33. Investments in Last Few Years of Operation Period to Meet Handing Over Requirements
  34. O&M Good Management Practices
  35. O&M Best Benchmarked Practices
  36. Training of Evaluation Team in Making these Analysis
  37. Hiring of Transactional Consultants for Reviewing O&M Arrangements and Training of Staff
  38. Build a Knowledgebase and Database to Assist Performing and Auditing O&M Processes
  39. Ideas for O&M Real Time Management Systems
  40. O&M Phase Value Engineering
  41. Ensuring Effective Communication, Involvement and Coordinating with Stakeholders
  42. Insuring Diligent Inputs and Data Collection
  43. Minimum Agenda & Methodology for O&M Coordination Meetings
  44. Auditing of O&M Operations, Data & Documents
  45. Real Time & Proactive O&M Performance Reporting & Management Decision Insights
  46. Building O&M Process & Management Competencies
  47. Management Commitment for Effective & Efficient O&M Management
  48. Minimum Agenda & Methodology for O&M Phase Annual Reviews
  49. Communicating & Coordinating with Project Stakeholders
  50. Developing O&M Performance Scorecards & KPIs
  51. Program Workshops
  52. Program Recommendations
  53. Participants Individualized Post-Program Action Plan



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