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2 Weeks of Process Good & Best Practices

Negotiating Processes on Build Operate Transfer (BOT) Projects (Full Cycle)

Building Hands-on Skills & Competencies in

  1. BOT Contract Objectives
  2. BOT Contract Usual Risks & Default Liabilities
  3. Special BOT Project Risks & their Effective Contractual Transfer
  4. Negotiating Project Viability Gaps, Avoiding Ambiguities, and Setting-up Structures that Maintain Relationships

2 Week Job Process Good & Best Practices Training

New Delhi
22 April-3 May 2024
6-17 May 2024
20-31 May 2024
New York
3-14 June 2024
Seattle, USA
17-28 June 2024
New Delhi
1-12 July 2024
15-26 July 2024
New Delhi
29 July - 9 Aug 2024
12-23 Aug 2024
New York
26 Aug-6 Sept 2024
9-20 Sept 2024
23 Sept-4 Oct 2024
New Delhi
7-18 Oct 2024
21 Oct-1 Nov 2024
New Delhi
4-15 Nov 2024
18-29 Nov 2024
New York
2-13 Dec 2024
Seattle, USA
16-27 Dec 2024
30 Dec 2024- 10 Jan 2025
6-17 Jan 2025
20-31 Jan 2025
3-14 Feb 2025
17-28 Feb 2025
New York
2-13 March 2025
Seattle, USA
16-27 March 2025
30 March-10 April 2025
New York
13-24 April 2025
Dubai 27 April-8 May 2025
Kualalumpur 11-22 May 2025
London 25 May-5 June 2025

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What is Covered in this Workshop?

  1. This program will show how Build Operate & Transfer (BOT) Projects have been the Government's Method of choice to enable Rapid Economic and Service Development even in the face of Limited Resources.
  2. This Program takes the participant through the Process of Planning and Negotiating the BOT or PPP Contract addressing Key Issues of Intended Objectives, Local Community Development, Service Improvement, Efficient Operations, Reasonable Costs for the Users, and, Project Viability Gap Filling.
  3. The participant will learn how to understand and Negotiate terms and conditions leveraging from Previous Experience, Lessons Learnt, Past Legal Precedents and the different standard contract forms.
  4. This program will assist participant in understanding the Major Risks and Business Environment Changes that may occur during the long life of the BOT Contract, and how these need to be negotiated and drafted in BOT Contracts.
  5. Program will discuss how to Leveraging Experience of Consultants and Supply Chain.
  6. Program will discuss details of Risk-Period-Incentive-Viability Gap Projects Tradeoff.

Who Should Attend?

  1. This program is intended for all Build Operate & Transfer (BOT) and PPP Project Professionals, Negotiators, Contract Administrators & Legal Staff, Advisors, Consultants, Contractors and Managers.
  2. This program is also recommended for Project Financers, Sponsors, Auditors, Regulatory Agencies, Finance Professionals, and Oversight Management Leadership.

Program Content & Modules

Negotiating Processes on Build Operate Transfer Contracts (Full Cycle)

  1. Business Aspects of Build Operate Transfer (BOT) Contracts
  2. Public Private Partnership (PPP) Contracts
  3. BOT Contract Stakeholders and Their Expectations
  4. Legal and Regulatory Aspects of BOT/PPP Contracts
  5. Commercial Risks on BOT/PPP Contracts
  6. Commercial Viability Gap Options and Incentives
  7. Technical Risks
  8. Strategies for Minimizing Technical Risks
  9. Societal & Political Risks
  10. Strategies for Minimizing Societal & Political Risks
  11. Contractual Assignment of Societal & Political Risks
  12. Typical Risk Assignment Options Between the Stakeholders
  13. Understanding BOT/PPP Contract Conditions
  14. Understanding Each Important Contract Conditions
  15. Planning BOT or PPP Contract
  16. Negotiating BOT or PPP Contract
  17. Leveraging Industry Standard Contracts and Guidance Materials
  18. Leveraging Experience from Previous Projects
  19. Leveraging Experience of Organizational Personnel
  20. Leveraging Experience of Consultants and Supply Chain
  21. Risk-Period-Incentive-Viability Gap Projects Tradeoff
  22. Negotiating

    (1) Project Objectives and Performance Targets
    (2) CSR & Local Community Development
    (3) Service Improvement
    (4) Motivating Efficient Operations
    (5) Reasonable Costs for the Users
    (6) Projects for Viability Gap Filling
  23. Ensuring Negotiated Agreements are Drafted using Legally Enforceable Language
  24. Issueing Guidance for Contract Drafters
  25. Issuing Guidance for Project Implementation Teams
  26. Issuing Guidance for Inclusions in Project Monitoring and Execution Teams
  27. Deeper Insights into BOT/PPP Contract Negotiating Skills & Competencies
  28. Workshop 1
  29. BOT/PPP Contract Negotiation Performance Evaluation System
  30. Meaningful BOT/PPP Contract Negotiating KPIs
  31. Workshop 2
  32. Building a BOT/PPP Contract Negotiating Process Knowledge System
  33. Program Recommendations
  34. Participant Customized Detailed Action Plan



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