Strategic Management of Computer Based Accounting & Business Information Systems, Implementing Good and Best Practices, Strategic Management of Computer Based Accounting & Business Information Systems, Covering Multidiscipline aspects of Computer Based Accounting, Business Information System, Methodologies, Skills, Benchmarking, Improvement & Measurement, Real World Case Studies, Business Information Systems, emphasizes meeting and exceeding internal and external customer expectations

2 Week Training Workshop on

Production & Field Separators

Training Dates 2 Weeks

21 Nov-2 Dec 2018
1-12 Dec 2018
(New Delhi, India)
3-14 Dec 18
(Bangalore, India)
7-18 Dec 2018
7-18 Dec 2018
(Dubai, UAE)
10-21 Dec 18
(Istanbul, Turkey)
15-26 Dec 2018
(Dubai, UAE)
20-31 Dec 2018
(Dubai, UAE)
21 Dec 2018 - 1 Jan 2019
(Istanbul, Turkey)
23 Dec 2018 - 3 Jan 2019
(Dubai, UAE)
24 Dec 18- 4 Jan 2019
(London, UK)
29 Dec-9 Jan 2018
(Dubai, UAE)
31 Dec 18 - 11 Jan 19
(Cairo, Egypt)

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What is Covered in this Program?

This program will provide the participant Understanding of Processes, technology and methods of Oil-Gas-Water Separators both Production and at Field Processing Facilities and their Efficient Planning, Implementation, Maintenance & Management.

This program provides a unique multidiscipline (Technical-Legal-Management-Audit-Finance) analytical approach enabling you to take effective decisions

Who Should Attend?

This program is intended for all relevant Professionals, Consultants and Managers. Participants attending the program take away a good multi-discipline understanding of the relevant issues. This training program helps the participant become productive quickly and help build a related Knowledge Framework that will help him identify, understand, classify and remember the relevant on the job learning and experiences.

This Improvement Oriented Program can be used to train implementation teams - so that they can work together to implement the Program Recommendations and Individualized Action Plan developed during the program.

Program Topics & Modules

  1. The Issues
  2. Vocabulary
  3. Technologies
  4. Methods
  5. Processes
  6. Planning
  7. Risk Identification
  8. Risk Analysis
  9. Risk Evaluation
  10. Risk Treatment
  11. Managing the Operations: Quality Assured System; Good Management Practices; Best Benchmarked Practices; Safety; Risk Management
  12. Performance Management: Key Performance Indicators; Trending; Benchmarking; Balanced Score Card; Early Warning System
  13. Outsourcing Contracts & their Administration
  14. Processes to Create Leadership in Planning, Operation and Management
  15. Industry Case Studies
  16. Program Recommendations & Action Plan: Workshops
  17. Setting up Early Warning System to provide Decision Makers Data for Proactive Decisions (and Not After the Event)
  18. Workshop 1
  19. Workshop 2
  20. Additional Topics and Advanced Discussion on Previous Topics - to Focus the Program towards Needs of the Program Participant Group.
  21. Additional Workshops to Provide Participants a Hands On Opportunity to Test and Improve their Skills
  22. Evaluating Performance - Developing & Communicating Relevant KPI's
  23. Planning & Implementing a Departmental/Functional Knowledge Base
  24. Participant's Individualized Action Plan to Implement Improvements Discussed in his Organization
  25. Program Recommendations

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