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Professional Certification Training Programs

4 Week Professional Certification Programs

Company & Participants

4 Week Professional Certification Training Programs Typically Cover
  1. Knowhow and Technology Transfer to the Participants.
  2. Domain Understanding, Competencies & Process Knowledge.
  3. Multi-discipline understanding of Program Topics. Means that post program when participant takes decisions, related to his work, participant will automatically and subconsciously consider and take into account (as applicable)
    1. Internal & External Customer Needs and Expectations
    2. Operational & Strategic Objectives
    3. Regulatory Aspects
    4. Industry Standards
    5. Technology Options
    6. Work Processes and their Understanding
    7. Understand Helpful Modern Tools and Methods including IT, Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence
    8. Understand the Risks
    9. Actions for Increasing Productivity
    10. Legal & Contractual Aspects
    11. Intellectual Property Aspects
    12. Safety and Security
    13. Operational Audit Aspects
    14. Cost Benefit Aspects
    15. Value Engineering Opportunities
    16. Key Performance Indicators
    17. Meaningful Performance Evaluation System
    18. Data Analytic Opportunities
    19. Machine Learning Opportunities
    20. Artificial Intelligence Opportunities
    21. This type of understanding and habit otherwise develops after years of rich and diverse work experience. (in reality few employees get this opportunity)
  4. Knowledge Framework outline which will enable the participant to understand and learn the right lessons when reflecting on his own past, present and future on-the-job experience.
  5. Training that will empower the participant to identify, support and implement improvements in his work area, team, section, department, and organization.
This 1 Week Training Program will also cover...
  1. Case studies
  2. Benchmarked Good and Best Practices
  3. Domain Knowledge and process knowledge
  4. At the end of the program, the Participant will prepare a Customized Outline Action Plan which will serve as the roadmap for him to suggest improvements in his work area.

Benefits to the Organization Sponsoring Participants to this program

Benefits made possible by Euro Training's unique, multidiscipline, customer focused, strategic focused, easy to understand and apply training methodology that relies on Industry Good and Best Benchmarked Practices

  1. Euro Training programs are different. They develop practical Job Skills.
  2. This program will make the participant aware of the domain processes, multi-discipline skills and competencies related to his job responsibilities.
  3. Each program is suitably customized and made useful for the particular participant group, our target is 90%+ topics directly applicable to the work today or in future.
  4. Benefits you may see in participant post program behavior...
    • Inclination to Recognize his stakeholders and their needs & expectations.
    • Understanding of how to analyze to find ways to exceed customer expectations and delight the customers.
    • Display higher level of relevant Job skills
    • Taking Initiative to Propose Improvements in Work Responsibility Area.
    • Multi-Discipline Understanding, Knowledge and Skills
    • Increased Domain Technical and Process Knowhow
    • Awareness to the Need to align performance to the Needs and Expectations of Stakeholders/ Customers (internal & external)
    • Awareness of the Need to Align performance to Organizational Operational and Strategic Objectives.
    • Understanding of Domain Good Management Practices
    • Awareness to meet Requirements and Recommendations of the Relevant Industry and Professional Standards.
    • Awareness to consider for possible application the Program Discussed Best Benchmarked Domain Practices

Participant Individual Career Benefits

  1. Positive self-esteem that come from being able to do your work right first time and meet internal and external customer expectations.
  2. The Program developed Understanding, Skills & Competencies will help you successfully present your Professional and Team skills at Job Interviews and Internal Performance Evaluation Reviews.
  3. You gain a clear direction for analyzing, proposing and implementing improvements in your work area.
  4. The outline action plan you prepare and take away after the program will help you take improvement initiatives and make a positive difference in your performance on the job, team, business unit or organization. This difference, after implementation, and when added to your resume, will make you a prime candidate for career advancement in your own organization or in your next job.
  5. Post program when you take decisions related to your work processes you will be empowered to consider all relevant multi discipline aspects mentioned above.

Registration Recommendations

  1. Team Nominations: It is recommended that your organization nominate at least two participants together for this program. This will help the participants create a Critical Mass for the Change and enable the participants to support each other during implementations of the program recommendations and the other methodologies learnt during the program.
  2. Single participant nominations will be useful where the objective is to:-
    • Refresh and Upgrade Relevant skills, make the participant familiar with the Relevant Latest Tools, Techniques and Methods.
    • Single participants can also be considered where the objective is to quickly bring the employee up to level required for independent productive working.
    • Train promising experienced employee to take on Mentoring roles in program knowledge area.
    • Train individuals for Domain Leadership Role in his Team, Section, Business Unit, Department or Organization.

Language of Instruction


Program Fee

Instructor Lead 4 week hours Full Time Training
  1. Classroom Training
    • Fee at Dubai, Kuwait, New Delhi, Qatar £13,990 (USD $17,800) per participant.
    • At London, US Locations, Europe, Malaysia, Singapore £15,389 (USD $19,580) per participant.
  2. Online eTraining Fee
    • £6,000 (USD $7,500) per participant.
  3. Training and Workshop Materials are included in the Fees.

Purchasing Training Materials

For your Library or Internal Training Needs
  1. Price £4000 ($5,000) for each set
  2. If you attend the same training program after purchasing the training materials, the fee will be reduced by the amount of payment made here.

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