Petroleum Exploration Technologies, Petroleum Production Technologies, Unconventional Gas, Field Processing, Enhanced Oil Recovery Technologies, Environmental Aspects, Safety Aspects, Regulatory Aspects, Production Sharing

3 Week Advanced Training Workshops

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AFU701-3 Implementing Automation and Productivity Enhancement in Your Oil & Gas Field Production Unit
BFU701-3 Implementing Good Management Practices in Your Oil & Gas Field Production Unit
FFU701-3 Reducing Budgets by 15%+ without Impacting Service Quality in Your Oil & Gas Field Production Unit
HFU701-3 Implementing Employee Motivation & Reward Systems in Your Oil & Gas Field Production Unit
MMF880-3 Mothballing Oil and Gas Production Facilities for Medium Term Production Stoppages
PCM631-3 Corrosion Monitoring and Inspection in Upstream Facilities
PDF700-3 Onshore Upstream Production Technologies and Operational Processes
PDF701-3 Offshore Upstream Production Technologies and Operational Processes
PED462-3 Coordinating and Managing Field Development Study Processes
PFA640-3 Managing Failure Analysis of Petroleum Production Equipment and Systems
POU700-3 Upstream Oil-n-Gas-Technology Methods Management
PSF440-3 Surface Facilities Supervising and Management
PTF130-3 Induction of New Operation Staff on Oil Rigs
PTN882-3 Upstream Project Construction Technology and Work Methods
PTN885-3 New Technologies, Good Practices and Best Practices in Oil and Gas Upstream Operations
PTN893-3 Upstream Oil and Gas Construction Technology
PTU120-3 Roughneck Training
PTU122-3 Advanced Roughneck Training
PTU310-3 Managing Petroleum Exploration Projects
PTU410-3 Exploratory Well Planning and Implementation
PTU412-3 Developmental Well Planning and Management
PTU426-3 Maintaining Sustainable Well Production
PTU488-3 Well Production and Control Planning and Management
PTU492-3 Enhanced Recovery Techniques Technology, Processes and Management
PTU493-3 Steam and Water Flooding Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology, Processes and Management
PTU494-3 Artificial Lift Technology, Processes and Management
PTU496-3 Wireline and Logging Operation Technology and Management
PTU510-3 Oil and Gas Production for Professionals
PTU514-3 Ensuring Safety during Oil and Gas Production
PTU520-3 Production and Field Separators Technology, Processes and Management
PTU525-3 Production and Field Separators
PWF581-3 Petroleum Well Production Forecasting and Monitoring
PWT848-3 Management of Producing Oil and Gas Wells
XRM970-3 Managing Operational Risks on Oil and Gas Surface Facilities