Water and Waste Water Treatment Technology Center

Program Modules 1/2/3/4 Week/ 6 Days

Program Code PROGRAM TITLE (View Online Brochure) 5 day Training 6 day Training 2 week Workshop 3 week Advanced Workshop 4 week Prof Certif Workshop QUERY
EDC5354 Cleaning Up Environmental Damage Technologies and Methods
EMI1044 Implementing and Auditing ISO-14001 Environmental Management Systems
INS6804 Sewage and Storm Water Collections System Inspection
ISO140014 Environmental Management Systems and Local Environmental Regulations
PEN9004 Environment Assessment of Oil n Gas Projects
PWT2004 Power Plant Water Treatment Systems
PWT5004 Industrial Cooling Water System Technology and Management
PWT5654 Produced Water Treatment, Reuse and Disposal
WCM8504 Corrosion Management in Water and Sewage Networks and Treatment Plants
WWT2084 Petroleum and Petrochemical Industry Wastewater Treatment Reclamation Technology
WWT4324 Petroleum Industry Waste Water Treatment Systems - Technology & Management
WWT6804 Sewage and Storm Water Collections System Inspection

Program General Introduction & Methodology