Value Engineering Knowledge Center for Building World Class Competency in Value Engineering During Feasibility, Design, Construction, Maintenance Phases

Program Modules 1/2/3/4 Week/ 6 Days

Program Code PROGRAM TITLE (View Online Brochure) 5 day Training 6 day Training 2 week Workshop 3 week Advanced Workshop 4 week Prof Certif Workshop QUERY
CPC5794 Construction Project Contractor Staff A-Z Refresher
CPS5694 Construction Project Owner Staff A-Z Refresher
EST2014 Advanced Estimating and Value Engineering
EST8004 Financial Analysis of Projects and Proposals
PMC2104 Strategic Project Management for Owner Professionals
VAE5014 Advanced Value Engineering and Step-by-Step Implementation Methodology
ETB6754 Emerging Trends in Innovation for Business and Policy (Including Innovative and Breakthrough Technologies)
INN8804 Setting Up a Mature Innovation System
IP3034 Protecting & Benefiting from Intellectual Property & Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
IP3034 Intellectual Property and Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
IP3104 IP Technology and Methods Program
PE3114 English for Intellectual Property Professionals
PIP4034 Profiting from Expiring Intellectual Property
QID7724 Step by Step Methodology for Promoting Innovation in your Department
QKM8274 Intellectual Property Knowledge Management System

Program General Introduction & Methodology