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Program Modules 1/2/3/4 Week/ 6 Days

Program Code PROGRAM TITLE (View Online Brochure) 5 day Training 6 day Training 2 week Workshop 3 week Advanced Workshop 4 week Prof Certif Workshop QUERY
BSM7024 Sales and Marketing Manager
EMT8054 eMarketing - Technologies, Processes and Implementation
IBB1174 Business-to-Business Internet Marketing Strategies and Projects
MNB6224 Business Networking for Exceptional Success
MPP3634 Product or Service Pricing Strategies and Empowered Management Systems
PE3124 English for Sales & Marketing Professionals
PMM2304 Oil and Gas Marketing Planning and Management
QKM8284 Marketing Knowledge Management System
DSM3784 Developing and Implementing Strategic and Marketing Plans
KAM5304 Key Accounts Management and Client Development
MCB3804 Market Analysis, Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking
TGL2904 Trading Gas and LNG
MDS5804 Market Driving Strategies
MRI2904 Market Research and Intelligence
BMK701-4 Implementing Good Management Practices in Your Marketing Unit
HMK701-4 Implementing Employee Motivation & Reward Systems in Your Marketing Unit
AMK701-4 Implementing Automation and Productivity Enhancement in Your Marketing Unit

Program General Introduction & Methodology