Mergers and Acquisitions Knowledge Center for Building World Class Competency in Indentifying & Implementing Strategic Value, True Value, Synergies, Merger Process, Acquisition Process, Partnerships, Due Diligence, Negotiating Mergers Effectively

Program Modules 1/2/3/4 Week/ 6 Days

Program Code PROGRAM TITLE (View Online Brochure) 5 day Training 6 day Training 2 week Workshop 3 week Advanced Workshop 4 week Prof Certif Workshop QUERY
CPS6954 Successful Customer Policy for Startups and New Product Developers (Customer is Always Right is Wrong)
GBS6664 Globalizing your Business or Service
MRE6104 Managing Rapidly Expanding Organizations
PDD6854 Product Development Design and Development (New Products and New Designs)
CSC7704 Creating the Startup Culture that Works
DTC7504 Identifying Disruptive Technologies and Organizations Developing Them
FRW7724 Methodology for Evaluating the Real Worth of Organizations
HPC7404 Identifying High Performing and Growth Companies
HPT7604 Building High Performing Start-up Teams (New Company or New Project)
MAA4144 Building Strategic Partnerships for Performance Improvement
MAS7734 Mergers and Acquisitions Strategies and Due Diligence Process
BMA701-4 Implementing Good Management Practices in Your Mergers & Acquisitions Unit
HMA701-4 Implementing Employee Motivation & Reward Systems in Your Mergers & Acquisitions Unit
AMA701-4 Implementing Automation and Productivity Enhancement in Your Mergers & Acquisitions Unit
FMA701-4 Reducing Budgets by 15%+ without Impacting Service Quality in Your Mergers & Acquisitions Unit

Program General Introduction & Methodology

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