Customer Focused Management Center for Building World Class Competency in Meeting Customer Expectations, Exceeding Expectations, Proactively Creating Value

Program Modules 1/2/3/4 Week/ 6 Days

Program Code PROGRAM TITLE (View Online Brochure) 5 day Training 6 day Training 2 week Workshop 3 week Advanced Workshop 4 week Prof Certif Workshop QUERY
MAA4124 Internal and External Customer Satisfaction Improvement Action Planning
MCF4784 Customer Oriented Management for Admission Enrolment and Registration Officers
MMI4034 101 Management Improvement Ideas you Can Also Use
QAM2814 Customer Oriented Management of Your Administration Department
QAT5004 Quantification of Quality Losses and Costs - Costs of Not Doing It Right First Time
QGM5554 Step by Step Methodology for Implementing Good Management Practices in your Work and Organization
QQQ4604 Implementing Good and Best Practices For Internal Customer Satisfaction and Delight
CFM4054 Customer Focus for Front-Line Managers/Supervisors
CSM4204 Customer Service Management
CSP9044 Step-by-Step Understanding and Implementation of Customer Satisfaction Initiatives
EHD6024 Helpdesk Planning, Management and Improving Customer Services
MGB7704 Good and Best Practices that Help Reduce Costs and Increase Internal and External Customer Satisfaction
MSA8704 Systematic Approach to Do it Right First Time - Improving Customer Satisfaction and Reducing Costs
QCF6024 Setting Up a Customer Focused Management System
QKM8144 Knowledge Management System for Your Customer Service Excellence
BCC701-4 Implementing Good Management Practices in Your Customer Care Unit

Program General Introduction & Methodology

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