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Full Time 12 Weeks  (Or 4 Weeks Attendance + 18 Weeks Online)  

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Program Overview

The Main Objective of Euro Training Limited’s 12 week Training & Certification Programs is to Make Fresh Engineers (and those new to the field) Employable as Intellectual Property Professionals. This is achieved through Real Life Training and an Objective Verified Assessment of the Candidate’s Developed Professional Skills in Intellectual Property  and in each of its Key Business IP Work Processes. This Certification assures the potential employer that the certified individual has the minimum qualifications to perform the Intellectual Property Professional job and tasks satisfactorily.

For experienced Intellectual Property professional candidate this Training and Possible Certification provides a Third Party Assessment of his own level of practical job related knowledge, skills and competencies. This Certification should provide a Credibility Boost to the candidate’s Resume, employability and career advancement through Promotion.

As a Intellectual Property Professional/Engineer you will Typically be Involved in...

1.    Advising Organization on IP Technical & Legal Matters (Patents, Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secrets)

2.    Preparing IP Filings to IP Offices

3.    Advising on Avoiding Infringing other Party IP

4.    Clarifying IP Ownership in Your Contracts

5.    Advising on IP Provisions to be included in your Contracts

6.    Implementing procedures that Ensure any unintentional IP Infringement does not become Evidenced in organization

7.    Performing Due Diligence to Ensure No Unintentional Infringement of others IP

8.    Performing Due Diligence to Ensure your Contractors and Other Partners are not Infringing your IP

9.    Advising on Profiting Opportunities from IP Disclosures of others where Right has Expired or is Due-to-Expire or Lapsed

10. Performing Due Diligence when Acquiring or Partnering with Businesses

11. Creating Awareness in Organization and Research Units of IP Issues

12. Helping Organization Identify its New IP from Time to Time

13. Helping Organization Respond to IP Claims and Litigation from Others

14. Helping Organization Negotiate and Settle IP Disputes

15. Monitoring for IP Leakage from the Organization

This Program will help you gain the expertise to perform the above processes in your organization.

The certification training programs follow a highly systematic easy to understand and apply process to transfer the Intellectual Property Analysis & Management Competency to the participants.

The certification also generally aims to promote Productivity, Internal Customer Satisfaction, External Customer Satisfaction, Knowledge of the Industry Standards, Risk Management, Risk Taking, Agility, Documentation of Operating Procedures, Developing Knowledge System, Repeatable Performance, Knowledge Transfer, Ethical behavior, Compliance with the Law, Safety, Security, Knowledge of Technology and Other Trends.

When attending the 12 week program you may be required to travel to different cities and countries - for industry visit, surveys and lectures - air tickets and modest accommodation for any travelling during the program is included in the fee. Tickets and Accommodation at the main program venue is not included in the fee.

Program Content

1.    Understanding Intellectual Property Rights and the Rationale

2.    International Treaties on Intellectual Property

3.    Understanding and Interpreting the International IP Treaties

4.    National Laws on IP

5.    Understanding and Interpretation of National IP Laws

6.    International Processes to obtain IP Rights

7.    International Processes to Litigate in IP Issues

8.    National Processes to obtain IP Rights

9.    National Processes to Litigate in IP Issues

10. IP Sources of Information

11. Preparing IP Filings to IP Offices (Patents, Copyright, Trademark, Trade Secrets)

12. Protecting Trade Secrets and Confidential Information

13. Avoiding Unintentional Infringing other Party IP

14. Clarifying IP Ownership in Your Contracts

15. IP Provisions to be included in your Contracts

16. Procedures that Ensure any unintentional IP Infringement does not become Evidenced in organization

17. Due Diligence to Ensure No Unintentional Infringement of others IP

18. Due Diligence to Ensure your Contractors and Other Partners are not Infringing your IP

19. Profiting from IP Disclosures of others where Right has Expired or is Due-to-Expire or Lapsed

20. Due Diligence when Acquiring or Partnering with Businesses

21. Creating Awareness in Organization and Research Units of IP Issues

22. Identify Organizational New IP from Time to Time

23. Responding to IP Claims and Litigation from Others

24. Negotiating and Settling IP Disputes

25. Monitoring for IP Leakage from the Organization

26. Intellectual Property Case Studies

27. Intellectual Property Workshops

28. Program Recommendations

29. Your Intellectual Property Action Plan

Program Outcomes and Take-Away/s

This program is intended to make you Employable as a Intellectual Property Analysis & Management Professional Engineer

The Certification is granted after the candidate demonstrates through tests and projects his ability to use Intellectual Property Analysis & Management Body of Knowledge repeat-ably in different practical job situations.

The Certification can be obtained by Candidates from Various backgrounds provided they acquire and demonstrate practical real work competency in Intellectual Property Analysis & Management.   

Professional Certification

·      On completion all participants will be awarded a "Certificate of Successful Completion".

·      Program Instructor may decide to award a Letter of Recommendation for High Performers during the program.

·      On passing the optional Written Tests and Projects  at end of this 12 week program the participant will be awarded "Certified Intellectual Property Professional/Engineer” Certification which will also mention that the participant has Passed the Prescribed Tests at the End of this Program.

·      Participant can sit in this Certification Examination any time within 1 year of the end of the program - No Fee is charged for first time taking this test for 12 week participants.

·      If you have not attended this 12 week program, but have attended at-least a 4 week program with Euro Training Limited, you may be allowed to sit for this certification if you have atleast 5 years rich experience in Intellectual Property Analysis & Management (A letter or experience certificate will be required from your present or past employer).  A fee $1500 fee will apply to this test and includes free related study materials.

Benefits of the Certification

This professional certification will certify that you have demonstrated proficiency in Intellectual Property Analysis & Management field and you should be considered  as suitably qualified for Participating in Organizational Intellectual Property Management Teams.

Validity of the Certification: 5 Years

This Certification is valid for 5  years from the date of issue. You will need to get recertified after that period by providing evidence of continued work in the area of Certification and Passing a Written Re-Certification Tests. The Re-Certification Fee is presently $400 and is Subject to Change. All Re-certification candidates will receive updated materials of recent advances in that field before the recertification test.

Benefits to Organization

Sending participant/s to this program will benefit the organization in the following ways

1.    Quickly and measurably makes the participants competent, effective and productive on his job. This program is useful for...

1.    Training New Employees

2.    Competency Building in Existing Employees Transferred to Intellectual Property Functions.

3.    Competency Building Where Existing Employee is Promoted (or Planned to be Promoted) in Intellectual Property  Section/Assignment.

4.    Re-Training Intellectual Property prior to a Starting a New Project or Initiative Planned in the Organization

2.    Create a pool of trained Intellectual Property Engineer Professionals who can cost-effectively disseminate the knowledge to large number of project employees inside the organization. 

3.    Euro Training Instructors often act as mentors for your trained Intellectual Property Professionals/Engineers for 1 year after end of the program. A most effective way to ensure effective competency development and application by your motivated staff.

4.    Our Instructors Can Work with Your Senior Executives (General Manager and Above) in their Own Work Settings and Observe, Study, Guide and Conduct One-to-One Training Sessions. (Please inquire about our Senior Executive Coaching Programs)

5.    Where the participation has earned " Intellectual Property Professional/Engineer Certification" this assures your organization that the professional has the required competencies to contribute/lead effectively in your organizational Intellectual Property Analysis & Management Activities.

Participant Individual Career Benefits

1.    As a Participant you gain a multi-discipline understanding of the issues. Meaning, when you make proposals and decisions on your Intellectual Property Professional job you will keep in mind the needs and expectations of ALL the stakeholders/ customers (internal & external)

2.    The action plan you take away will help you make a positive contribution in your Intellectual Property Analysis & Management. This contribution when added to your resume will make you a prime candidate for career advancement in your own organization or in your next job/s.

3.    Where you have earned "Certification" this assures you, your organization and future employers that you have the required competencies to contribute/lead effectively in organizational Intellectual Property Analysis & Management initiatives.

4.    This Certification should also assure you that you can venture deeper and higher in this field. (Masters, PhD or Independent Consultancy)

Who Should Attend

This Program is Intended to Empower Engineers from All Disciplines to become Employable as a Intellectual Property Professional Engineers.

You should attend…

1.    If you are an Engineer Looking for a Job as a “Intellectual Property Professional

2.    If you gain Professional Level Expertise in Intellectual Property

3.    If you are entrusted to Make Improvements in the Way your Organization handles its Intellectual Property Activities

4.    If you are entrusted to Protect your Organization in  Intellectual Property Areas

5.    If you are a Intellectual Property Professional and wish to Ensure proper Organization and  Management of your Intellectual Property Section Activities

6.    If you wish  to Consider becoming an Independent Consultant for Providing Services to Clients on How to Protect them in Intellectual Property.

Program Instructors

Euro Training Limited Program Instructors have the knowledge, experience and access to resources required to customize the program to the specific job related needs of each program group. Typical instructors have over 15 years Industry Experience and have extensive International Consultancy Experience. Details on who will lead your program will be available closer to the program.

Language of Instruction

Unless otherwise stated the program instruction is in Standard Day-to-Day English (Arabic Version is also available on request). Participants can request the instructor to provide a program vocabulary which will ensure they have no problem understanding the content.

Other language versions are being developed by our consultants and regional partners including program Portuguese, Spanish and French. Please do contact us for your specific language needs.

For Training Managers:

When you register participants you can request for the following services free (subject to participant signing the consent form):-

1.    Pre-Program Intellectual Property related Evaluation of the Participant

2.    Performance of Participant in Monthly Tests, Workshops and Projects

3.    End-of-Program Intellectual Property Evaluation of the Participant

4.    Copy of Attendance Record (No Consent is required)

5.    Copy of Participant Certificates (No Consent is required)

Additional Experience Your Participants Will Get When they Attend....

1.    Multi-Discipline Look at the Issues - Unique to Euro Training Ltd Programs!! Meaning? When we discuss the Issues we take into account the relevant Technology-Management-Audit-Quality-Productivity-Legal-other Viewpoints.

2.    Good & Best Industry Practices - Researched, Benchmarked and Communicated in each Program!!

3.    Checklist Approach for Ease of Understanding and Practical Application

4.    Latest Technologies - including IT, Quality Assurance, Improvement Methodology

5.    Quality Assurance => Quality Improvement incorporated in each program

6.    One Instructor per 5 Students - Small training groups for a Real Learning Experience!

7.    Instructors Industry Experts 15+ years industry experience - not Academicians!! When Academicians attend they will gain understanding of Industry Multi-discipline aspects to be considered before real decision making - so they can effective communicate these aspects to their students.

8.    Letters of Recommendation from the Program Director/s for the Exceptional Performers. (At sole discretion of the Program Director/s)

9.    Most Program Venues are in Central Tourist Areas - so you can enjoy your evenings with just a stroll.

Registration Recommendations

If you are Interested in making Intellectual Property as your Career this program is for You.

It is recommended that Participants be Nominated for this Program before they are assigned Independent Intellectual Property responsibilities.

Benefit from Team Nominations: When you nominate 2 or more participants together for the program, this will ensure that the participants can work together to implement the Improvement Initiatives when they get back to your organization.

Can Not Attend? Need the Program Materials for your Library?

You can obtain a copy of the Training Materials on payment of $990 only.

Requests for Training Materials should be sent to

Training Materials must be paid for in Advance by Bank Transfer to our Account.


1.    To register: Please send us an official letter confirming registration (on organizational letterhead). And send us a completed registration form – Links to the forms in various formats is available at the bottom this page and also at . You can also request a copy by FAX or Email.

2.    For Program Fee Information Email: . Payable by Bank Transfer or Bank Draft. Fee information is available at: .

3.    Program Fee is USD $39,000 per participant for this 12 week program and includes Course Materials, Certificate, Refreshments, Certification Examination and Lunch. (Fee for 12 week program at London, Paris, Rome, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Spain and Kuala Lumpur is $42,900)

4.    Accommodation is not included in Program fee. Special rates will be available at venue hotels for the participants.

5.    This program may require travel to different cities and countries - industry visit, surveys and lectures - air tickets, lunch & snacks for any travelling during the program is included in the fee but accommodation has to be paid by the participant. Some of the Lectures may be held through Video Conferencing.

6.    Special discount of 10% is offered for participants who pay their fees at least 45 days before start of the program.

7.    Refund will not be considered where the participants cancels his registration less than 3 weeks before start of the program. Alternate nominations will be allowed anytime before program start. If the participant is unable to obtain a Visa for attending the program and he so notifies Euro Training Limited, at least 2 weeks before start of the program, with evidence, then the participant will be allowed to attend the program at another venue where the program is offered.

8.    All participants are required to fill in Participant Information form and take the Pre-Program Intellectual Property Proficient Test - on first day of the program. Each program Undergoes Customization to Better Meet Participant Present and Future Career Needs. Please be prepared to let the Instructor/s know about your or your organization's Special Needs, Interests or Initiatives.

9.    It is always useful for participants to bring their existing problems or case studies, work-process flow charts or job related problems for discussion - consideration will be at sole discretion of the program director/s.

10. Provisional Registration : You can make a provisional registration by sending us an email – an official registration request can be made within 2 weeks. This will ensure we will reserve a seat. IF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION REQUEST IS NOT RECEIVED WITHIN 2 WEEKS OR AT LEAST 45 DAYS BEFORE PROGRAM START THIS PROVISIONAL REGISTRATION IS AUTOMATICALLY CANCELLED – WE DO REQUEST YOU TO INFORM US ASAP YOU HAVE DECIDED EITHER WAY. All provisional registrations automatically cancel 45 days before program start.

11. Information required for Provisional Registration: Program Title, Location, Dates, Your Organization Name, Your Email Address, Your FAX No and your Mobile Number.  Send to:

12. Venue Information is Communicated in the Joining Instructions and is usually our training facility.

13. Please note: No Live Voice Requests for Registration or Provisional Registrations. Registration confirmation is a team decision at Euro Training Limited.

We are No. 1 in Incorporating Good & Best Management Practices in Most of Our Training Programs!!

Take the Risk - Come and Attend!!  It May Be the Best Decision You Made Recently!!

For Registration & More Information Contact:

General Manager

Other Emails:

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Euro Training Ltd,  3422 Old Capitol Trail#1116, Wilmington DE 19808, USA

By Telephone, Voice, Fax...

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