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San Francisco Around the Venue

  1. Post Office: Basement B2 of Macy Store at Union Square (3 blocks)

  2. Nearest Walmart: Go by BART to Oakland Airport. From Station Exit Cross Road and Take Bus 73 (about 5 stops $2.25 return)

  3. Smaller Supermarkets (& Drugstore): WalGreens: Powell and Sutter (1 block)

  4. Restaurants: Many Close By. Vito’s Pizza (Half Block), Indian Restaurants => O'Farrell and  ; O'Farrell and Jones. (5 blocks)

  5. Nearest Hospital: St. Francis Memorial Hospital: Pine and Hyde (5 blocks)

  6. Nearest Subway BART Station: POWELL STATION (7 blocks - hotel up uphill from station)

  7. Subway To or From SFO International Airport to Nearest BART Station (POWELL STATION) ($8.10 one way)

  8. Nearest Office Depot: 3rd Street and Market

  9. Nearest Best Buy: On Geary Street take Bus 37 from Geary and Powell ($2 for return 3 hrs.)

  10. Nearest Tourist Information Office: At POWELL BART Station

  11. Nearest High Street Stores: At Union Square (4 blocks) -Macy's etc...

  12. Nearest Cable Car: POWELL STREET (1/2 block) (Takes you to Fisherman's Warf)

  13. China Town: 3 Blocks down Bush Street.

  14. Good Library:  San Francisco Central Library (Go up Bush Street after 6 blocks Turn Left on Larkin Street - walk 7 blocks down Past Asian Art Museum to the Central Library (In Civil Center/UN Plaza)

  15. Need Doctor (3 Blocks Away): 415 981 1102 Traveler Medical Group 490 Post Street, Suite 225, 2nd Fl., San Francisco  For Appointments  Call or Email




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