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London Around the Venue

Program Location : Provided in Joining Instructions

(A 4/5 Star Hotel in the Below Neighborhood)   



London Neighborhood Information

  1. Nearest Tube Stations:   Queensway, Notting Hill Gate, Byyswater Road

  2. Regent Park is across the road.

  3. Best Mobile Package for Foreign Visitors:  Lycamobile   Sim cards available Free/small charge in shops near Queensway Station. Overseas calls cost as low as 1 pence per minute depending on country

  4. Free Wireless Internet in Meeting Room and Lobby of Venue Hotel

  5. For Buses and Train Buy a "Oyster Card"  costs £5 (deposit) and then Pay as you go - available at many stores (Single journey Bus costs £1.3 with card - buying ticket from vending machine £2.30!!)

  6. Taxi for Airport. Call Classic Cars  020 7229 1234 or 020 7229 0011  costs £37 (may get discount) - Normal Taxi is £50+ depending on traffic.

  7. Fast Reliable transport from Airport to City: Paddington Express Train cost £18 leaves you at Paddington Station. Taxi Marshals will arrange taxi to hotel costs  £6 to Ramada Hyde Park Hotel.

  8. When tired of Shopping on Oxford Street: Visit Selfridges 5th Floor "Garden Café Restaurant" for Food in an Elegant Environment.


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