Computerized Document Management and Security System Extended Workshop

2 Week Training Workshop

Computerized Document Management and Document Security System Extended Workshop

      Supporting Business Processes

      Enabling Business Process Automation

o   Customer Focus

o   Document Security

o   Legal and Archiving Requirements

o   Knowledge Management

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What is Covered in this Program?

        This program will help you get Expertise in Implementing and Managing Computerized Document Management, Archival and Document Security Systems. This program provides you the know-how and methodology for practically implementing EDMS including Workflow systems that help support your Vision, Mission and Strategies.

        The methodologies are explained in a step-by-step manner for you to apply directly to your work. This program will help save your organization thousands of dollars in Rework and Maintenance costs associated with Systems and Knowledge Management with Workflow implementation by doing it right first time and supporting business efficiency.

Who Should Attend?

        This program is for Professionals who wish to make Computerized Documentation, Archival and Knowledge Management Systems their Career. Those new to the field take away a good multi-discipline understanding of the issues involved in their work. It helps them in becoming productive quickly and in building a knowledge framework that will help them identify, understand, classify and remember on the job learning and experiences.

        Implementation Teams: This program can be used to train implementation teams in Document Management when a new project or initiative is being started in your organization; when a new strategic focus is being initiated; or, just prior to a consultant being hired to advise the organization

Program Content

1.     Understanding Business Needs for Documents

2.     Strategies for Document Management System Implementation

3.     Understanding Good Management Practices and Role Documents Play

4.     Assessing Documentation Needs for the Business Processes

5.     Understanding Knowledge Management Needs of Organization

6.     System Implementation Roadmap

7.     Analyzing Documentation Needs

8.     Choosing Implementation Strategy

9.     Technical Specifications for Document Management Systems

10.  Quality Assured Procedures for: Scanning, Storage Structure, OCR or Vectorization, Indexing, Security, Workflow, Contracting Arrangement, Monitoring Implementation, Testing and Acceptance, Operation Support

11.  Business Process Automation and Workflow Systems

12.  Identification of Business Processes

13.  Identification of Document and Data Needs of Business Processes

14.  Understanding Workflow Integration

15.  Preparing Requirements and Scope of Work

16.  Prequalification of Vendors

17.  Review of Technologies

18.  Review of Methods

19.  Preparing the Specifications

20.  Monitoring Computerized Document Management System Implementation

21.  Reporting Document Management System Implementation Progress

22.  Training for Document Management System Professionals

23.  Training and Communications to Document Management System Users

24.  Building the Organization Knowledge Management System through the Computerized Document Management System

25.  Workshop 1 Document Management System Needs Analysis

26.  Workshop 2 Document Management System Implementation

27.  Program Recommendations

28.  Your Individualized Action Plan

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