Punitive Damage Claims

2 Week Training Workshop

Punitive Damage Claims

      Preparing, Avoiding, Mitigation & Defending

      Covers Interpretations in Different Countries & States

o   Legal Basis

o   Social Prospective

o   Evidence Issues

o   Protection Arrangements

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What is Covered in this Program?

        This program provides a comprehensive practical briefing on the issues and details of effectively minimizing organizational exposure to possible Punitive Damages. The program will provide a unique understanding of the multidiscipline issues involved: Technical-Legal-Management-Public Audit-Finance-Risk Management. This 360 degree understanding will help you understand the actions required to: Avoid; Mitigate; Negotiate; Defend your organization's interests in Potential Punitive Damage Implication Decisions throughout the organization's processes.

        Program Provides Legal-Engineering-Management-Social-Risk Management Prospective

        Designed to Save Your Organizations Millions of Dollars in Claims, Lost Revenue and Business Disruption Costs

Who Should Attend?

        All Participants will take away a good multi-discipline understanding of the issues involved in their work. Program will help participants quickly become productive quickly and help build a knowledge framework that will help them identify, understand, classify and remember this program discussed technology, On the job learning and life experiences.

        Implementation Teams: This program can be used to train implementation teams - when a new project or initiative is being started in your organization; when a new strategic focus is being initiated; just prior to a consultant being hired to advise the organization

Program Content

1.     Understanding the Underlying Legal Principles

2.     The Punitive Damage Philosophy and Social Purpose

3.     Different Treatment of Punitive Damages in Different Jurisdictions: Countries and US States

4.     Different Award Calculations by Different Deciders of Disputes

5.     Different Processes Used by Judges and Jury to Determine Punitive Damages (leading to substantial variability in awarded damages for similar wrongful behavior): Estimating Methods; Foreseeability; Risk Management; Recklessness; Hindsight Bias

6.     Possible Punitive Damages Estimating Methods

7.     Punitive Damage Strategies: Negotiating Settlements; Opening Statements; Liability; Causation; Damages; Expert Witnesses; Punitive Damages Process; Punitive Damage Calculations; Closing Statements; Post Award Negotiations

8.     Punitive Damage Claim Preparation Step-by-Step Methodology

9.     Liability reducing Methodologies

10.  Punitive Damage Risk Checklist for different Organizational Processes

11.  Program Recommendation

12.  Workshop 1

13.  Outline Action Plan to Implement Program Communicated Good and Best Practices

14.  Workshop 2

15.  Advanced Topics - More Details on Some Above Issues Important for Participants (Customized for each Participant Group)

16.  Increasing Productivity through Using Standard Forms, Templates, Checklists to Perform the IP Processes

17.  Performance Management System to Measure Level of Performance in the Above Processes - we will develop the KPIs for the Above Processes

18.  Planning & Implementing a Departmental/Functional Knowledge Base - For IP Rights and Methods - Key to Achieving Quality Service Performance/Repeatability and Superior Performance in Our Organization

19.  Your Individualized Action Plan for Implementing Good Practices and Best Practices Discussed throughout the Program

20.   Enhanced Program Recommendations

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