Implementing the Pre-Award Phase of Projects Major Procurement

2 Week Training Workshop

Implementing Pre-Award Phase of Projects & Major Procurement

      Implementing Good & Best Practices in Pre-Award Phase

      Avoiding Delays & Liability Causing Conduct

o   Competitive Tendering

o   Single Source

o   Good Practices

o   Best Practices

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What is Covered in this Program?

        In this program we cover the A-Z of the following Contract Types... Managing Competitive Tendering based Contracts; Single Source Contract Management; Negotiated Contract Management

        For each Contract Type we discuss best practices for... Pre-Award Planning; Scope Formulation; Contracting Strategy Formulation; Prequalification; Preparing/Reviewing Contract Conditions; Preparing/Reviewing Special Technical Requirements; Tender Package Preparation; Bidding Process Management; Bid Evaluation; Award and Contract Agreement

Who Should Attend?

        This Program is for Project, Contract, Engineering, Procurement, Audit, Quality Tendering Professionals involved in Tender Formulation, Preparation, Evaluation and Award

        All Participants will take away a good multi-discipline understanding of the issues involved in their work. Program will help participants quickly become productive quickly and help build a knowledge framework that will help them identify, understand, classify and remember this program discussed technology, On the job learning and life experiences.

Program Content

1.     Pre-Award Work Process

2.     Project Definition

3.     Scope of Work

4.     Work Schedule

5.     Cost Estimation

6.     Choosing Contract Price Risk you want to take Fixed Price - Lump Sum; Fixed Price - Unit Rates; Fixed Price - Part Lump Sum and Part Unit Prices; Reimbursable Contracts Types;

7.     Request for Proposals - Beauty Show

8.     Open Tender, Limited Tender, or, Single Source

9.     Planning the Tendering Project

10.  Invitation to Prequalify or Register

11.  Prequalification Form

12.  Tender Package Preparation

13.  Managing the Bidding Stage

14.  Site Visits

15.  Bid Evaluation & Bid Clarifications

16.  Negotiations during Evaluations

17.  Award Recommendations

18.  Award : Letter of Intent, Letter to Proceed, Letter of Award

19.  Bonds and Guarantees

20.  Contract Agreement

21.  Intimating Unsuccessful Bidders

22.  eEnabling the Pre-Award processes

23.  eTendering and eProcurement

24.  Program Recommendations

25.  Workshop 1

26.  Outline Action Plan to Implement Program Communicated Good and Best Practices

27.  Workshop 2

28.  Advanced Topics - More Details on Some Above Issues Important for Participants (Customized for each Participant Group)

29.  Increasing Productivity through Using Standard Forms, Templates, Checklists to Perform the IP Processes

30.  Performance Management System to Measure Level of Performance in the Above Processes - we will develop the KPIs for the Above Processes

31.  Planning & Implementing a Departmental/Functional Knowledge Base - For IP Rights and Methods - Key to Achieving Quality Service Performance/Repeatability and Superior Performance in Our Organization

32.  Your Individualized Action Plan for Implementing Good Practices and Best Practices Discussed throughout the Program

33.   Enhanced Program Recommendations

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