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Training Workshop

CAA801 (2 weeks) Download PDF Brochure

Advanced Contract Management 

Using Quality Assurance Methodology

Using ISO-9000, Quality Assurance, Management Improvement and TQM Methodology


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  • 4-15 Feb 17 (Dubai, UAE)

  • 16-27 Feb 17 (New Delhi, India)
  • 28 Feb-8 Mar 17 (London, UK)

  • 6-17 Mar 17 (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

  • 14-25 Mar 17 (San Francisco, USA)

  • 30 Mar-10 April 17 (Dubai, UAE)

  • 11-22 April 17 (Singapore and Kuala Lumpur)

  • 20 April - 1 May 17 (San Francisco, USA)

  • 3-14 May 17 (Dubai, UAE)

  • 12-23 May 17 (London, UK)

  • 21 May-1 June 17 (San Francisco, USA)

  • 21 May- 1 June 17 (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

  • 1-12 June 17 (London, UK)

  • 10-21 June 17 (Dubai, UAE)

  • 6-17 July 17 (Paris)

  • 16-27 July 17 (San Francisco, USA)

  • 27 July-7 Aug 17 (Dubai, UAE)

  • 3-14 Aug 17 (Singapore and Kuala Lumpur)

  • 3-14 Aug 17 (New Delhi, India)

  • 16-27 Aug 17 (Dubai, UAE)

  • 26 Aug - 7 Sept 17 (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

  • 7-18 Sept 17 (Dubai, UAE)

  • 14-25 Sept 17 (New Delhi, India)

  • 5-16 Oct 17 (London, UK)

  • 18-29 Oct 17 (Dubai, UAE)

  • 2-13 Nov 17 (Singapore and Kuala Lumpur)

  • 2-13 Nov 17 (New Delhi, India)

  • 13-24 Nov 17 (San Francisco, USA)

  • 28 Nov-9 Dec 17 (Dubai, UAE)

  • 6-17 Dec 17 (London, UK)

  • 14-25 Dec 17 (San Francisco, USA)

  • 14-25 Dec 17 (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

  • 26 Dec 17 - 6 Jan 18 (New Delhi, India)

Program Overview

In this program you will learn about...

This program covers the skills required for Contract Managers to perform their job function Effectively Efficiently.

It also Includes:

  • Protecting Your Project Your Organization, Using New Methodologies Techniques, Computer Tools Winning Negotiating Strategies

  • ISO-9000 Quality Assurance Compliance.

  • Management Improvement

  • Review Design of Agreements

  • Ensuring Compliance with Contractual Terms

  • Preparation and Evaluation of Claims for Delays, Cost Compensations Variation Orders.

By the end of the course, participants will also be able to...

  • Examined and Discussed the purpose, requirements and conditions of contracts, including contracts for supply, maintenance and construction work.

  • Reviewed the skills needed to award and manage contracts effectively, whether these contracts are related to projects or the purchase of products and services.

  • Review Design Agreements

  • Ensure Compliance with Contractual Terms

  • Prepare and Evaluate Claims for Delays, Cost Compensations Variation Orders.

He will learn about the Best Worldwide Practices in Contract Management

  • Methodology

  • Planning

  • Tools and Technology Issues

  • Management Issues  

Program Content

  • How this Program Can do Wonders for You and Your Department

  • Understand the Processes taking place on Contracts

  • Best Industry Practices

  • Tools and Techniques

  • Set up a Management System for Contracts section (Systematic Organizing, Control and Improvement)

    • How to…

      • Improve Effectiveness Productivity on your Contracts?

      • Develop Capabilities in your Contract Supervision and Control Staff to make sure they understand the "Why", "How", "When" and "What Not to.." of Effective Contract Management?

      • Implement and Supervise Effective Contract Practices – avoiding the pitfalls that lead to delays, disruptions, increased costs and disputes.

      • Negotiate Competitive and Noncompetitive Contracts to Get the Best Deals.

      • Develop Continuous Improvement Excellence in Contract Management in your organization.

    • Contract Management: the problem areas.

    • What is Quality Assurance in Contract Management.

    • Types of Contracts :

      • Supply, Maintenance, Construction

      • Fixed Price or Reimbursable Cost

      • EPC

      • For each type…associated…

        • Productivity Risks

        • Financial Risks

        • Main Conditions of Contract

        • Other Areas of Concern

    • Purpose, Content, Procedure and What Can Go Wrong in Contract Processes…

      • Prequalification

      • The Tendering Process

      • Evaluation of Tenders

      • Flowcharting the Processes

      • Pre-Qualification and ISO-9000

    • Preparing the Contract Plan

    • Negotiating Strategy and Tactics...

      • Pre-award Negotiations

      • Negotiation of Changes and Variation Orders

      • Negotiating Disputes and Claims

      • Win-Win Philosophy

      • Expectations Changing Expectations

      • Planning Preparation

      • Tricks others may play

    • Administering Contracts...

      • The Business Legal Environment

      • The Problem Areas

      • Do’s and Don’ts

      • Letters Notices

      • Documentation

      • Productivity Killer Attitudes

      • Programs, Progress, Delivery Schedules and Expediting

      • Quality and Substitutes

      • Variation Orders

    • Claims and Counter-Claims...

      • What are they?

      • Minimizing Claims

      • Your Counter Claims

        • Penalty Liquidated Damages

        • Consequential Losses

        • Insurance

        • Warranty

        • Guarantees

    • How to effectively use lessons learn’t on a Contract.

    • Preparing Tender Documents

      • Standardization

      • Various Sections – their purpose and significance

  • Finally we will give a thought to…

    • Cost-Benefit Approach to Decisions

    • Longer term interests of company

    • Benefits of Supplier Development

    • Emerging Contract and Procurement Philosophies.

Program Outcomes and Take-Away/s

Euro Training is in the business of  providing practical useful training programs. Programs that...

  1. Help the participant gain Multi-discipline understanding of the issues so that he can incorporate the needs and expectations of all his stakeholders/ customers in his improvement proposals and actions.

  2. Help build a knowledge framework in which job related experience can be caught and remembered as his experience.

  3. Help the participant implement improvements in his organization.

  4. Help the participant prepare a Customized Action Plan he could implement in his work.

Typical participant to a 2 week/+ program will take away a personalized action plan for himself, his business unit or his organization on how to apply the program contents to improve performance. The action plan may have two components:

  1. A Personal Action Plan

  2. A Business Unit/Organizational Action Plan

Benefits to Organization

Sending participant/s to this program will benefit the organization in the following ways

  1. Quickly makes the participants competent, effective and productive on his job. This program is useful for...

    1. Training New Employees

    2. Competency Building in Existing Employees Transferred to a New Assignment

    3. Competency Building Where Existing Employee is Promoted (or Planned to be Promoted) to a New Job.

    4. Training Prior to a New Project or Initiative Planned in the Organization

  2. Create Competency in the employee to perform his job well by Understanding Relevant...

    1. Technical Knowledge, Skills and Competencies

    2. Organizations' Strategic Objectives

    3. Needs and Expectations of the Stakeholders/ Customers (internal and external)

    4. Good Management Practices

    5. Opportunities to Exceed Stakeholder/ Customer Expectations

  3. Create a pool of trained manpower who can cost-effectively disseminate the knowledge to large number of employees inside the organization. This is made possible by Euro Training's unique easy to understand and use methodology based on Checklist and Quality Assurance Approaches.

  4. Euro Training Limited's Instructors have been Specially Trained and Briefed in Above Instructional Expertise.

  5. Euro Training Instructors often act as mentors for your trained employees. A most effective way to ensure effective competency development and application by your motivated staff. We do have consultants available across Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa (Please inquire about our post program mentoring plans)

  6. Our Instructors Can Work with Your Senior Executives in their Own Work Settings and Observe, Study,  Guide and Conduct One-to-One Training Sessions. (Please inquire about our Senior Executive Coaching Programs)

Participant Individual Career Benefits

  1. You gain a multi-discipline understanding of the issues. Meaning when you make proposals and decisions on your related job you will keep in mind the needs and expectations of ALL the stakeholders/ customers (internal and external)

  2. The action plan you take away will help you make a difference in your business unit or organization. This difference when added to your resume will make you a prime candidate for career advancement in your own organization or in your next job/s.

  3. Understanding and acting with understanding of the Needs and Expectations of your stakeholders/ customers is known to enhance Job Satisfaction and reduce Monday Morning Blues.

  4. As one of your stakeholders/ customers is Executive Management, therefore the program ensures you will know and appreciate the Strategic Imperatives that Drive the Organization's Efforts in your relevant job area. In the process enabling you to make a leadership contribution in your area of work or your organization. If you are an academician the program will help you understand the multi-discipline aspects of the issues - enabling you to become a more effective and practical faculty member on that subject..

Generally these Programs are Intended for…

Those new to the field take away a good multi-discipline understanding of the issues involved in the program works. It helps them become productive quickly and builds in them a knowledge framework that will help identify, understand, classify and remember on the job experiences in his memory.

More experiences participants take-away an individualized action plan as mentioned elsewhere in this technical sheet.

Implementation Teams: This program can be used to train implementation teams where...

  1. a new project or initiative being started in your organization

  2. a new strategic focus initiative is being initiated

  3. just prior to a Consultant being hired to advise the organization in that area, so your organization will be able to get the best from this consultant.

Each participant will take away a memorable and potentially life changing experience from the program.

No limitations are being placed on who can attend. If you are interested in the Program Content, Outcomes and Takeaways, or, feel you can benefit from the Organizational and Personal Benefits mentioned above - You are Invited to Register for this Program.

Program Instructors have the knowledge, experience and access to resources required to customize the program to the specific job related needs of each program group. Typical instructors have over 17 years Industry Experience and have extensive International Consultancy Experience. Our Program Directors are Industry Leaders - details will be available closer to the program.

Language of  Instruction

Unless otherwise stated the program instruction is in Standard Day-to-Day English. Participants can request the instructor to provide a program vocabulary which will ensure they have no problem understanding the content.

Other language versions are being developed by our consultants and regional partners including program in French, German, Spanish and Arabic. Please do contact us for your specific language needs.

For Training Managers:

Please ask for copies of post-program evaluation and benchmarking forms filled by participants from your geographic area. Past Participants have consistently rated our programs "Much Better" than what they attended before - on almost all criteria including "Practical Usefulness for their job" and "Expertise of the Program Director's".

Additional Experience Your Participants Will Get When they Attend....

  1. Multi-Discipline Look at the Issues - Unique to Euro Training Ltd Programs!! Meaning? When we discuss the Issues we take into account the relevant Technology-Management-Audiquality-Productivity-Legal-other Viewpoints.

  2. Good and Best Industry Practices - Researched, Benchmarked and Communicated in each Program!!

  3. Checklist Approach for Ease of Understanding and Practical Application

  4. Latest Technologies - including IT, Quality Assurance, Improvement Methodology

  5. Quality Assurance => Quality Improvement incorporated in each program

  6. One Instructor per 5 Students - Small training groups for a Real Learning Experience!

  7. Instructors Industry Experts 15+ years industry experience - not Academicians!! When Academicians attend they will gain understanding of Industry Multi-discipline aspects to be considered before real decision making - so they can effective communicate these aspects to their students.

  8. Programs designed as modules so participants can attend 1 to 4 weeks at a time and complete full program in stages. Ask for details.

  9. Letters of Recommendation from the Program Director/s for the Exceptional Performers. (At sole discretion of the Program Director/s)

  10. All Program Venues are in Central Tourist Areas - so you can enjoy your evenings with just a stroll.

Registration Recommendations

Team Nominations: Since the program aims to ensure the participants have his individualized improvement plan at the end of the program, and foreseeing the effort involved, anticipating resistance and implementation requirements it is recommended that the organization nominate at least two participants together (three will be more desirable to allow for attrition) for this program.

It is anticipated that these 2 or more participants will work together as a team or provide mutual support in order to implement the action plan.

Single nominations will also be accepted for the program. Single nominations are typically useful  to:-

  1. Develop personnel skills in Critical Skills and Methodologies covered in this program.

  2. Audit this program for deciding its content and methodology's effectiveness in meeting your organizational needs

  3. Training individuals for Leadership Roles in Business unit or department. Here this program will help the participant coach and lead his team in these Critical Skills and Methodologies. (Program does not typically cover coaching skills but provides the related technical  understanding in an easy to communicate manner. )


  1. To register: Please send us an official letter confirming registration (on organizational letterhead). And send us a completed registration form – Links to the forms in various formats is available at the bottom this page and also at  http://www.eurotraining.com/etl-reg.php . You can also request a copy by FAX or Email.

  2. For Program Fee Information Email: accounts@eurotraining.com . Payable by Bank Transfer or Bank Draft. Fee information is available at: http://www.eurotraining.com/fees.html .

  3. Program Fee is USD $8900 per participant for a 2 week program and includes Course Materials, Certificate, Refreshments and Lunch. (Fee for 2 week program at London, Paris, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Spain and Kuala Lumpur is $9790)

  4. Accommodation is not included in Program fee. Special rates will be available at venue hotel for the participants.

  5. Special discount of 10% is offered for participants who pay their fees at least 45 days before start of the program.

  6. Refund will not be considered where the participants cancels his registration less than 3 weeks before start of the program. Alternate nominations will be allowed anytime before program start.

  7. All participants are required to fill in Participant Information form - on first day of the program. Each program Undergoes Customization to Better Meet Participant Present and Future Career Needs. Please be prepared to let the Instructor/s know about your organization's Special Needs, Interests or Initiatives.

  8. It is always useful for participants to bring their existing problems or case studies, work-process flow charts or job related problems for discussion - consideration will be at sole discretion of the program director/s.

  9. Provisional Registration : You can make a provisional registration by sending us an email – an official registration request can be made within 2 weeks. This will ensure we will reserve a seat. IF THE OFFICIAL REGISTRATION REQUEST IS NOT RECEIVED WITHIN 2 WEEKS OR AT LEAST 2 WEEKS BEFORE PROGRAM START THIS PROVISIONAL REGISTRATION IS AUTOMATICALLY CANCELLED – WE DO REQUEST YOU TO INFORM US ASAP YOU HAVE DECIDED EITHER WAY. All provisional registrations automatically cancel 2 weeks before program start.

  10. Information required for Provisional Registration: Program Title, Location, Dates, Your Organization Name, Your Email Address, Your FAX No and your Mobile Number.

  11. Venue Information is Communicated in the Joining Instructions and is usually is a Top Hotel in the Central and Main Tourist District of the City where the program is held.

  12. Please note: No Live Voice Requests for Registration or Provisional Registrations. Registration confirmation is a team decision at Euro Training Limited.

We are No. 1 in Incorporating Good and Best Management Practices in Most of Our Training Programs!!

Take the Risk - Come and Attend!!  It May Be the Best Decision You Made Recently!!

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