Advanced Contract Management

2 Week Training Workshop

Advanced Contract Management

      Using Quality Assurance Methodology

      Incorporating ISO-9001 Methodology

o   Contract Processes

o   Good & Best Practices

o   Win-Win Contract Administration

o   Strategic Contract Management

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What is Covered in this Program?

        This is a follow-on Contract Management Skills building program. Participant should have attended the program CAA301 or equivalent from another reputable organization. If there is any doubt please first attend the program CAA301

        This program develops capabilities in Supervision and Management - specifically teaching you how to Improve the Productivity, Quality and Management of your Contracts Department. Best Contract Management, Quality Assurance, Continuous Improvement, TQM and Benchmarking Methodologies - as applicable to contracts department - are taught in this program.

Who Should Attend?

        Contract & Legal Professionals

        Supervisors and Managers responsible for Contracts, Procurement and Projects

Program Content

1.     The Problem Areas

2.     Risks and Strategic Concerns with Contract Management

3.     Understand the Processes taking place on Contracts

4.     Best Contract Practices

5.     eTools and Techniques

6.     Set up a Management System for Contracts Section

7.     How to Improve Effectiveness Productivity on your Contracts?

8.     Developing Capabilities in your Contract Supervision and Control Staff

9.     Negotiate Competitive and Noncompetitive Contracts to Get the Best Deals.

10.  Develop Continuous Improvement System for Contracts Section

11.  Understanding Types of Contracts: Supply, Maintenance, Construction; Fixed Price or Reimbursable Cost; EPC; For each type?associated? Productivity Risks; Financial Risks; Main Conditions of Contract; Other Areas of Concern

12.  Managing the Contract Processes: Prequalification; The Tendering Process; Evaluation of Tenders; Flowcharting the Processes; Pre-Qualification and ISO-9001

13.  Preparing the Contract Plan; Negotiating Strategy and Tactics... Pre-award Negotiations; Negotiation of Changes and Variation Orders; Negotiating Disputes and Claims; Win-Win Philosophy; Expectations Changing Expectations; Planning Preparation; Tricks others may play

14.  Administering Contracts...The Business Legal Environment; The Problem Areas; Do's and Don?ts; Letters Notices; Documentation; Productivity Killer Attitudes; Programs, Progress, Delivery Schedules and Expediting; Quality and Substitutes; Variation Orders

15.  Claims and Counter-Claims... What are they?; Minimizing Claims; Your Counter Claims ; Penalty Liquidated Damages; Consequential Losses; Insurance; Warranty; Guarantees

16.  Finally we will give a thought to? Cost-Benefit Approach to Decisions; Longer term interests of company; Benefits of Supplier Development; Emerging Contract and Procurement Philosophies.

17.  Program Recommendations

18.  Workshop 1

19.  Outline Action Plan to Implement Program Communicated Good and Best Practices

20.  Workshop 2

21.  Advanced Topics - More Details on Some Above Issues Important for Participants (Customized for each Participant Group)

22.  Increasing Productivity through Using Standard Forms, Templates, Checklists to Perform the IP Processes

23.  Performance Management System to Measure Level of Performance in the Above Processes - we will develop the KPIs for the Above Processes

24.  Planning & Implementing a Departmental/Functional Knowledge Base - For IP Rights and Methods - Key to Achieving Quality Service Performance/Repeatability and Superior Performance in Our Organization

25.  Your Individualized Action Plan for Implementing Good Practices and Best Practices Discussed throughout the Program

26.  Enhanced Program Recommendations

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