Turn-Key Contracts Contract Administration and Claims Management

2 Week Training Workshop

Turn-Key Contracts Contract Administration and Claims Management

      Effectively Transferring More Risk to Contractor

      Developing Contract Performance Warranties & Guarantees

o   Risk Planning

o   Contract Administration

o   Dispute Resolution

o   Building Knowledge Base

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What is Covered in this Program?

        The program provides the knowhow to set up a Good Management System for Turn Key Contracts. Participant will learn about the Specific Turn Key Contract Risk Management, Contract Administration and Dispute Resolution Processes and Skills

        This program provides a unique multidiscipline (Technical-Legal-Management-Audit-Finance) analytical approach enabling you to take effective decisions on your Turn Key Projects.

Who Should Attend?

        All Participants will take away a good multi-discipline understanding of the issues involved in their Turn Key Project work. Program will help participants quickly become productive and help build a knowledge framework that will help them identify, understand, classify and remember this program discussed technology, On the job learning and life experiences.

        Implementation Teams: This program can be used to train implementation teams - ; when a new Turn key project or initiative is being started in your organization; when a new strategic focus is being initiated; just prior to a consultant being hired to advise the organization

Program Content

1.     Contracts Generally

2.     Various Contract Standard Forms & Risk Distributions

3.     Rules for Interpretation of Contracts

4.     Distribution of Rights & Obligations of the Parties in Turn Key Contracts

5.     Understanding Turn Key Contracts Contract Conditions

6.     Detailed Understanding of the Key Conditions of Contract

7.     Contract Administration QC Plan for Turn Key Projects

8.     Drafting Special Conditions for Turn Key Contracts

9.     Preparing Claims on Turn Key Contracts

10.  Analyzing Claims Turn Key Contracts

11.  Negotiating Claims Turn Key Contracts

12.  Program Recommendations

13.  Workshop 1

14.  Outline Action Plan to Implement Program Communicated Good and Best Practices

15.  Workshop 2

16.  Advanced Topics - More Details on Some Above Issues Important for Participants (Customized for each Participant Group)

17.  Increasing Productivity through Using Standard Forms, Templates, Checklists to Perform the IP Processes

18.  Performance Management System to Measure Level of Performance in the Above Processes - we will develop the KPIs for the Above Processes

19.  Planning & Implementing a Departmental/Functional Knowledge Base - For IP Rights and Methods - Key to Achieving Quality Service Performance/Repeatability and Superior Performance in Our Organization

20.  Your Individualized Action Plan for Implementing Good Practices and Best Practices Discussed throughout the Program

21.  Enhanced Program Recommendations

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