Business Process Reengineering

2 Week Training Workshop

Business Process Reengineering

      Including Good and Best Management Practices

      Covering the Multidiscipline aspects of Business Process Re-Engineering

o   A Step-by-Step Approach for Implementation in Your Department or Organization

o   Meet customer expectations better than your competitors

o   Why does my Organization Need to BPR?

o   Real World Case Studies

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What is Covered in this Program?

        This is a step-by-step approach for BPR Implementation in your Department or Organization. This is a unique program providing very useful analysis and improvement skills for Organization/Department Reorganization.

        The program covers three distinctly different management approaches to change. These are: 1.Process Improvement, 2.Process Redesign and 3. Process Re-engineering.

Who Should Attend?

        All Professionals & Managers

        Supervisors & Managers who wish to Gain an Insight into ďWhat it will take to get Superior Performance?Ē

Program Content

1.     What is Reengineering Really?

2.     Why does my Organization Need to BPR?

3.     What will be involved in its Implementation for my Organization?

4.     The Four Truths: Itís Process-Centric, Itís Redesign-Ruled, Itís Radical, Itís Dramatic.

5.     Different Reengineering Approaches.

6.     Why Must you Reengineer Today? Typical Reasons.

7.     Reengineering Vs Rightsizing, Restructuring, TQM, Automation

8.     How Drastic Should Your Reengineering Be?

9.     Reengineering Tools

10.  A Self Test Questionnaire For Your Organization: Are You Ready To Reengineer?

11.  A Step-by-Step Methodology for Implementing BPR.

12.  Success Stories.

13.  Failure Stories.

14.  Program Recommendations

15.  Workshop 1

16.  Outline Action Plan to Implement Program Communicated Good and Best Practices

17.  Workshop 2

18.  Advanced Topics - More Details on Some Above Issues Important for Participants (Customized for each Participant Group)

19.  Increasing Productivity through Using Standard Forms, Templates, Checklists to Perform the IP Processes

20.  Performance Management Systemto Measure Level of Performance in the Above Processes - we will develop the KPIs for the Above Processes

21.  Planning & Implementing a Departmental/Functional Knowledge Base - For IP Rights and Methods - Key to Achieving Quality Service Performance/Repeatability and Superior Performance in Our Organization

22.  Your Individualized Action Plan for Implementing Good Practices and Best Practices Discussed throughout the Program

23.   Enhanced Program Recommendations

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