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Centre's of Technology & Excellence

CENTRE NAME 1 Week Training Links
Accounting Management Center Business Intelligence & Data Analytics Center
Computer Aided Design and Document Management Center Construction Technology Center
Contract Administration, Claims Management Center Customer Loyalty & Delight Management Center
DCS District Cooling System Center Electric Power Generation Center
Electric Power Transmission & Distribution Center Energy Conservation Center
Engineering, Design & Value Engineering Center Entrepreneurship Skills Development Unit
Environmental, Waste Water & Sustainability Center Ethics & Soft Skills Center
Financial & Insurance Management Center Hospital & Healthcare Center
Human Resource Development & Training Technologies Centre Innovation Management Centre
Inspection Management Center Inventory Management & Logistics Centre
IT & Business Process Automation Center Knowledge Management Center
Laboratory, Testing & QC Center LNG and Natural Gas Center
Maintenance & Turnaround Center Management & Leadership Center
Marketing & Business Development Center Mergers, Acquisitions & Strategic Partnerships Center
Mining & Minerals Center New Technologies Center
Office & Administrative Skills Center Operational Audit Center
Patents, Copyrights & Other IP Center Performance Evaluation & BSC Center
Petrochemical & Fertilizer Center Petroleum Drilling Center
Petroleum Exploration Center Petroleum Industry Management Center
Petroleum Pipeline Center Petroleum Refinery & Downstream Center
Petroleum Surface Facilities Center Planning, Estimating & Cost Control Center
Project Management Center Public Private Partnership (PPP) Center
Public Relations, Negotiations & Communications Center Purchasing & Services Outsourcing Center
Renewable Energy Petroleum Center Safety and Corporate Security Center
Shipping & Fleet Management Center Smart Public and Commercial Facilities Center
Water & Waste-Water Treatment Center Water Desalination Center
Also Available as 2 week and 4 week Training Workshops Please email for details.

What to Expect When You Attend these Programs?

  1. Most Programs provide the Participant a Multi-Discipline Understanding of the Issues. An Understanding that Commonly Comes from Years of Relevant Practical Experience. Multidiscipline also Means that when we discuss the Program Topics we take into account the relevant Technology, Management, Audit, Quality, Standards, Productivity, Legal and other Aspects Required to Be Considered to Make Meaningful Decisions on the Job.
  2. Most Programs Follow a Process Approach to Understanding the Domain Area. This is augmented with a Checklist Approach for Ease of Understanding and Practical Application. Copies of All Processes and related Checklists Presented or Developed During the Program are Provided to the Participants. Course materials provided Make it Easy for the Participant to Apply What he has Learnt on his Job.
  3. The Programs include an Understanding of the Relevant Good & Benchmarked Best Industry / Business Practices. These have been Researched and Benchmarked by Our Expert Consultants and Instructors.
  4. Most Programs Provide the Participant Knowledge of the Latest Winning Technologies and Methodologies, including, Relevant IT Hardware and Software, Customer Focused Management, Strategic Approach, Quality Assurance, Knowledge Management and Improvement Methodology.
  5. Public Program Class Sizes are Kept to low Instructor to Student ratios to enable a Real Customized and Practically Useful Learning Experience. Most Participants Go Away with a Personal/Departmental/Organizational Step by Step Action Plan to Implement What has Been Learnt During the Program.
  6. All Participants are provided Copies of all Slides and Program Materials used during the Program. Links are Provided to other Useful Resources Relevant to the Program.
  7. Euro Training Limited Instructors are Industry Experts with Minimum 15+ years industry experience - not Academicians!! They Transfer the Practical Knowledge and Knowhow to the Participants.
  8. When Trainers and Academicians attend they will gain understanding of Industry Multi-discipline aspects to be considered before real practical decision making - so the Academician/Trainer participant can effective communicate these aspects to their students.
  9. Most Programs are designed as modules so the participants can attend 1 week, 6 days, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 4 weeks at a time and complete full certification level competency development program in stages. Participants can Apply for Certification Testing after they attend the 4 Week Module in One or More Stages. Ask for details.
  10. The Program Instructor/s May Issue Letters of Recommendation for the Exceptional Performers. The Instructors May Recommend Special Awards for Best Participants. (At sole discretion of the Program Director/s)
  11. Registering Authorities (Training Departments) may Request Pre and Post Program Evaluation of their Participant, to assure themselves of the Benefits of the Program on their Participants.
  12. All Program Venues are Located in Central Tourist Areas - so you can enjoy your evenings and after Class with just a stroll. Free Weekend and/or Evening Trips are arranged to Noteworthy Local Sites.

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